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Shoulder Injury Treatment Rotator Cuff Orlando Medical Massage

Rotator Cuff Pain – Shoulder Injury Treatment

As a shoulder injury specialist, I enable my clients full use of their injured shoulder. I eliminate shoulder pain and or Rotator Cuff injury with my proprietary therapy. Within my practice hundreds of happy clients are now totally free of shoulder pain and have full use of their shoulder. Continue reading to learn more.

Information Concerning Shoulder Joint Space

Shoulder Pain Treatment OrlandoWhen the intra-joint tension, or tightness in the joint is removed by lengthening all the surrounding tendons and ligaments, the grinding pressure on the injured tendons, nerves, bursa, and cartilage stops. 

With this precise work, experience normal healthy space within your shoulder joint capsule and full mobility. These shoulder treatment protocols are very focused. My clients avoid surgery, shots, and prolonged physical therapy which may prove ineffective. They also are able to avoid or discontinue the use of various medications.

If you are suffering with Frozen Shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, at times causing complete immobility and pain in your shoulder joint, this debilitating condition is also resolved with my work. Continue reading to learn more. See the testimonials below.

No Joint Pressure – No inflammation – No Calcification 

If you have pressure, inflammation and calcification within the soft tissue of your shoulder, I resolve these conditions by focused lengthening of your posterior Rotator Cuff tendons and all of the tendons, ligaments and muscles surrounding your entire shoulder joint.

The calcification of your tendons
(if any-calcificic tendonitis) is broken down as a part of my treatment.

Shoulder Pain OrlandoIf you have a partial Rotator Cuff tear and joint tightness, or simple joint tightness and pain, my proprietary therapy creates the correct muscle, tendon and ligament lengthening for rapid shoulder recovery.

By creating the correct space around a partial tendon tear the damaged tendon heals. Rotator Cuff Tendinitis affects the tendons, and muscles that move your shoulder joint.
Tendinitis simply means your tendons are overly shortened, inflamed and irritated.
This non-surgical approach creates the soft tissue lengthening needed for tendon and joint repair. 

A Great Analogy

Clench your fingers together very tightly.  This is what happens to our shoulder joint when the tendons and ligaments become overly shortened and tight. Now loosen you fingers and imagine your shoulder joint moving smoothly and freely once again. My work enables the smooth movement found within a healthy shoulder joint.

A Logical and Comprehensive Treatment

Rotator cuff pain and inflammation is one of the most common causes of shoulder injury. It is an injury which truly interferes with daily life routines. My clients are very appreciative and delighted as they have experienced total shoulder-Rotator Cuff recovery.

They have obtained the freedom of movement they previously enjoyed. I provide a logical and comprehensive soft tissue treatment with guaranteed quick results. Within 2-5 treatments your shoulder is well.

Non-Invasive Alternative Approach

My protocols are highly effective for chronic shoulder-Rotator Cuff impingement. They are non-invasive and offer an alternate therapy which can prevent the need for surgery, shots, medication and long rehabilitation. This is your chance to say no to shoulder surgery.

I resolve your shoulder injury within a few soft tissue treatments. The  goal of surgery  is to repair a very severely injured shoulder joint and the rotator cuff tendons. Try a non-surgical approach before the condition degrades to the point of requiring surgery. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

Treatment For The Entire Shoulder Joint

1-Supraspinatus 2-infInfraspinatus 3-Teres Minor 4-Subscapularis
The medical soft tissue therapy I provide for shoulder injuries precisely lengthens all the individual muscles, tendons and ligaments involved with the mechanics of your whole shoulder girdle.  The key is to create soft tissue balance within and around the “entire” shoulder.

Room To Heal From Impingement Syndrome

This approach enables the inflamed bursa (impingement syndrome), axillary nerve and suprascapular nerve located around and under the tendons of the rotator cuff room to heal.  Impingement syndrome is inflammation between the top of the humerus (arm bone) and the acromion (tip of the shoulder blade). Between these bones are the tendons of the rotator cuff, and the bursa.

Repetitive Motion and Tightening of the Tendons  

Normally, these tendons glide effortlessly within this space–called the subacromial space. At times repetitive motion in certain sports, sleeping postures and life in general, tightens, thickens, and inflames these tendons.

Persistent cases of Rotator Cuff pain may be aggravated by calcium deposits within and around the tendons. Calcification occurs in response to inflammation. It is a protective mechanism of the body.

You will not have inflammation once we eliminate the pressure on your shoulder joint, and you will not have to worry about further calcification. Let’s create the soft tissue balance you need today. Call the office and schedule your appointment. Decide to break this cycle of pain and inflammation now. The detailed therapy I specialize in is immediately effective.

My  treatment provides lasting results. The loss of mobility and pain you are experiencing will soon be a distant memory. I am Michelle Hamel a certified Neuromuscular and Myofascial therapist.

I offer a proprietary and powerful blend of Neuromuscular /Myofascial Release Therapy, correcting chronic and acute shoulder injuries. This treatment is one of a kind, very specific medical massage work.


“If anyone has any back or shoulder issues then you need to seek out Michelle Hamel. 2 weeks ago Alan was in agony and didn’t know how he was going to continue to work. 2 visits to Michelle and he is now able to use his shoulder again and even better than before. Thanks Michelle”
Linda and Alan Fennel ~

“Michelle worked her magic on my shoulder that was hurting for days. The pain was about a 7.  I woke up in the morning after having one treatment and the pain was completely gone and didn’t return. Michelle is the best  neuromuscular massage therapist with whom I have worked–and I’ve checked with several.  Go see her if you have any sort of pain or injury and I promise you will feel better.”
Pamella Goldsmith ~

“Michelle Thank you so much for doing just what you said you would do. I blew out my shoulder and was experiencing extreme pain, could hardly move it at all. This occurred from my work on the farm and finally a throwing motion. My rotator cuff injury really concerned me as it was my right arm. Two trips to you for your specific muscle therapy and the pain went away 100%. I am back to normal with total use of my shoulder. Thanks so much for your great work.”
Dennis Parker ~
Majestic Tree Farm

“For two years I suffered constant right shoulder pain, from a damaged rotator cuff, that defied all attempts at healing: an injection schedule with my primary care physician occasionally provided only temporary relief, and by temporary I mean a few days, at best; then there was an array of physical therapists. I was not getting better often the pain intensified. I could not bear to lift my arm to brush my hair. Putting my ailing arm into sleeves was agonizing. Eventually, an orthopedic specialist broke the bad news that my only hope to heal the shoulder and banish the pain was surgical repair. That was off the table, in my view, having known people whose surgical results were worse than the original injury. It seemed like an act of Grace when a health professional recommended I make an appointment with Michelle Hamel. “If it can be fixed, she can fix it,” I was told. My considerable skepticism yielded to my desperation, and I made the appointment. I was first struck by how carefully Michelle listened as I described in detail the exact location of my pain, and I was impressed that she was going to work with her hands, and not, as had been my recent experience, with some gadget that seemed almost quackery.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ve got it.” From the first touch her hands and fingers seemed to move by instinct to the exact, extremely deep point of pain. No other physician or therapist had reached it before. During treatment, my threshold for pain was never exceeded, as she continued to work, and I noticed that she was taking her time, not watching the clock for the billable hour to pass. The relief was noticeable immediately, and I continued with appointments until healing was complete…about four visits. Since that time, I have been treated by Ms. Hamel for different injuries, and recommended her to many people. A good friend even drove from Tampa for her care, after disc surgery. Today, my right arm remains pain-free, with full mobility, thanks to the skills of Michelle Hamel. I strongly recommend her for treatment of shoulder issues, and will continue to count on her skills as needed. Michelle truly has healing hands.”
Dee Rivers-Yowell ~

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