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Hip Pain Referred From Sciatic Nerve – Orlando Therapeutic Massage

Hip Pain?
A Pinched Or Compressed Sciatic Nerve – The Cause

If you live in the greater Orlando area and have been told you have a chronic degenerative hip condition, that you need shots, long term physical therapy or that hip surgery is the recommended course of action, try this non-invasive solution first. You will know in one visit that you are getting the correct treatment. Continue reading to learn more…

Perhaps this pain is not a problem with your hip joint, but a pinched or compressed sciatic nerve. If so I have the solution. While your hip hurts, the problem may potentially originate elsewhere. The problem may be caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve referring to your hip.  

Hip Pain Orlando

Before having any invasive procedure, long term physical therapy, or shots that may not get to the cause of your hip pain, consider my medical Orlando Neuromuscular/Myofascial therapy.

My name is Michelle Hamel. I am a highly skilled NMT-LMT. I am a soft tissue pain relief specialist. Through years of practice I have helped thousands of people recover from back and hip pain. 

What is the largest nerve in the body?  Did you guess that it is the sciatic nerve, if so you are correct. The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back at lumbar segment 3 (L3). This nerve travels from your lower spine down through the hip and back of each leg to your feet.

Any condition that irritates or presses on the sciatic nerve roots as the nerve roots exit the spinal canal, can cause pain along the sciatic pathway. Let’s explore a few soft tissue conditions which cause referred hip pain.

A Bulging Or Herniated Disc Imbalance

You may have posterior disc movement compressing the sciatic nerve in you lower back, referring pain to your hip. I specialize in treating this soft tissue condition. My clients who had this condition are now happily pain free.
Pain free within 2-5 visits!  Click here for additional information
Or you may have a muscle known as piriformis pinching the sciatic nerve.

Piriformis Syndrome

Specific soft tissue (including the piriformis but not limited to this muscle) which has shortened can also be the cause of the sciatic nerve irritation referring to your hip joint. My specific soft tissue work resolves this pinched nerve problem.

Now, you may have heard that you have a hip joint problem due to an inflamed bursa or that you have degenerative arthritis.  Okay, many people have a little arthritis or bone degeneration and are not experiencing hip pain. 

An important thing to realize is that by creating proper soft tissue lengthening within and around your hip joint, this can slow down the degenerative process and take the pressure off of the bursa. When all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding your hip are lengthened you will not have the grinding pressure on this joint.

This specific soft tissue therapy made it possible for my clients with hip pain to avoid hip surgery, shots and nerve blocks. They were extremely happy to find my proprietary Neuromuscular/Myofascial work. 

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try this approach first?  You will know in one visit if you are on the right track. You have nothing to lose but your pain!


“I began experiencing pain in my right hip and groin area, followed by ever increasing numbness in my right thigh. After visiting my primary care physician, I was referred to one of Orlando’s prominent orthopedic clinics. After a couple office visits there, x-rays, MRI, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs, my condition did not improve very much. Fortunately, when mentioning this to a friend who I found had a similar problem in the past, he recommended Michelle Hamel at The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. After a consultation with Michelle, and her review of my history on this matter, including radiology reports, Michelle suggested my problem might be a bulging disc, not a hip, groin, leg, or other area problem after all. The pain from those areas was originating at the source of the problem, a bulging disc pinching my sciatic nerve. During a few weeks of soft tissue treatment by Michelle, my pain subsided and was eliminated. Michelle also guided me in establishing some continuing self help treatment. Her work has prevented the sciatica from returning. I highly recommend Michelle Hamel to anyone with back problems, and/or herniated, bulging disc, / sciatic nerve problems.”

~ Wally Temple

“In October 2007, I was referred to Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center by my family physician, Dr. Christopher Conavay, after I was injured in an automobile accident. I was experiencing pain in my right knee, neck, and sciatica in my lower back and hip, making it difficult to function on a daily basis. After receiving therapy to my back and neck and cold light therapy on my knee, I have experienced dramatic relief and I am able to start resuming my regular activities. Thank you, Michelle!”

~ P. Rowely

“Thank you, again, for a great session last night.
I am training for my next half marathon, but the previously manageable pain in my hip and knee quickly became debilitating. 
I had seen a local orthopedic doctor who told me that I was getting older and needed to stop running because of my damage to my hip. That’s not going to happen! I was reluctant to see another doctor and had heard some terrible things that can result from cortisone shots. I don’t want temporary relief, I want “healing.” A friend recommended Michelle and after just two sessions, I am back to running pain free! You showed me that my hip pain was coming from my lower back.”

~Angela Duplis

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