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As a clinical massage specialist I have helped thousands of clients end debilitating nerve injuries. When the pressure is removed from an injured nerve, the inflammation stops, the nerve heals and you no longer experience pain.

Yes, nerves heal quickly with this specific soft tissue therapy. In this article I will share the difference between nerve entrapment, a pinched nerve and a compressed nerve. Let’s go…

My treatments provide space over and around your pinched or compressed nerve, enabling the injured nerve room to heal. Once well, I show you how to maintain this Neuromuscular balance. I show you how to remain pain free. Continue reading to learn more…

Pinched Nerve Treatment OrlandoAt times, a physician may recommend surgery, drugs or nerve blocks. You or someone you love may have been advised that you have to learn to “live with your pain.”

Are you feeling confused about your choices?  My clients have chosen this alternative and holistic approach to resolve their nerve injury. They are extremely pleased with their results and are enjoying their normal routines without pain!

You may be experiencing searing nerve inflammation from severe neck, back and referred pain due to nerve injuries. Accidents, exercise, repetitive motion or incorrect posture often lead to nerve entrapment, a pinched nerve, or nerve compression.

What are Nerve Entrapments, Pinched, Impinged or Compressed Nerves?

Pinched and compressed nerves in the neck, back and hip are three of the most common soft tissue problems for which people seek treatment. They cause pain, numbness and weakness that interferes with life. Sciatic and Brachial Plexus  nerve entrapments are two common nerve injuries.

Pinched and Entrapped Nerves

When specific muscles tighten over nerves in your neck, back, hip, shoulder, elbow, or wrist, this tightening causes local or referred  pain. This nerve irritation is known as nerve entrapment or pinched nerves. With the correct fascial and neuromuscular work damaged nerves are released and quickly heal.

Compressed and Impinged Nerves

This nerve damage occurs when one Nerve Damage Orlando
or more of the spinal nerves becomes compressed or impinged in your neck or back by a disc. This is usually caused by soft tissue imbalance (muscles, tendons and ligaments) creating posterior disc movement which irritates the nerves.

The pressure on the nerves from the discs in your neck or back causes symptoms of local neuralgia or burning, tingling, and referred pain down your arms or to your hips, legs and feet.

Muscles are part of the lever system which move the vertebrae – bones.  When the muscles, tendons and ligaments become too contracted they cause the discs to move in a posterior direction causing impinged or compressed nerves. Overly contracted muscles, tendons, and ligaments initiate soft tissue related compression or entrapment of the nerves (also pinched or entrapped nerve conditions).  

I lengthen the soft tissue involved with my clients nerve pain, and help them gain a quick recovery. Creating the proper neuromuscular balance enables the injured nerves space to recover. My work offers any painful joint, whether it is your vertebral joints, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, or ankles proper intra-joint space (room within and around the joint) to heal.  

There Is A Natural Soft Tissue Approach!

I am Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT an expert Orlando medical massage therapist. A certified Neuromuscular-Myofascial pain relief specialist. Experience great results after one visit and within one to five visits you will be well.

My work offers specific, therapeutic massage in Orlando, medical massage therapy allowing injured nerves room to heal. This is very unique, very detailed and focused therapy supporting my clients prompt and lasting recovery. My treatments quickly resolve pain caused by pinched, entrapped or compressed nerves.  

Along with my medical massage, I may use therapeutic grade essential oils and infrared light therapy which assists with reduction of inflammation, pain and swelling. 

Pinched Nerve Testimonials

“For over 2 years I had been unable to sleep without the aid of medication due to a pinched nerve in my low back. My other medical practitioners were unable to alleviate my discomfort. I found Michelle in June of 2007. I wanted to get off the medication I was on and wanted to get relief from my constant pain. Now, I am fully off the medication and have achieved full relief with Michelle’s treatment! I am very grateful I found her and will refer everyone I know who has any type of back problem to her. She can help them!”
~Tracy Brooks

“Dear Michelle,
I cannot thank you enough for getting rid of my back and leg pain. Over the Christmas holidays I developed sciatic nerve pain so severe I could barely stand or walk.
I was referred to you by one of my current clients. After the first session I began to immediately feel relief. By the 6th treatment I was completely pain free and had complete mobility. This was all done without drugs or injections, no manipulations of my spine of decompression. I cannot thank you enough.”
~ Edwin Szczepanik, D.M.D.

“In October 2007, I was referred to Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center by my family physician, Dr. Christopher Conavay, after I was injured in an automobile accident. I was experiencing pain in my right knee, neck, and severe sciatica in my lower back and hip, making it difficult to function on a daily basis. After receiving specific therapy to my back and neck and cold light therapy on my knee, I have experienced dramatic relief and I am able to start resuming my regular activities.
Thank you, Michelle!”
~ Penny Rowly

“When I went to Michelle, I had driven across the country from California and had a great deal of compression in my back.  I had been feeling  intense back pain for over 1 1/2 years and had received many alternative treatments. Nothing  seemed to work aside from temporary relief.  Michelle had me fixed in one visit.  I then returned to Michelle with a pinched nerve in my neck that was very painful.  This was a little more of an effort than one visit, it took three.  Her therapy is very unique.  She also incorporated healing from essential oils into the treatments and helped me recover from a very serious injury. I would recommend Michelle to anyone.  Having worked with many healers and having a good amount of body work done, I see her skill as being top notch, and a very rare find.”
~ Chuck Wagner

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