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Wellness And Health Coaching Using The Hamel Method
“The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts”

The Hamel Method

How To Live To Be A Healthy Vibrant 150!

Synergy: A state in which two or more things work together in an impactful manner, producing a greater effect than the sum of their individual parts.

Imagine having the optimal health of a twenty year old, into your 80s, 90s and beyond. Your skin is beautiful, your immune system, organs and your joints are functioning properly and your mind is sharper than ever. Imagine this ultimate life extension experience.

In some areas of the world known as the Blue Zones, people enjoy a lifespan reaching 115 to 120 years. Through years of research and clinical study I have found the root cause of aging and disease imbalance and have established health protocols that create the proverbial fountain of youth. Using the Hamel Method of health coaching you can now build healthy longevity where ever you live!

The Hamel Method includes the Five Portals to healthy longevity. I have shared this method with hundreds of my clients and have helped many people regain their joy filled, pain free lives. View  testimonials below…

The Five Portals to healthy longevity are here for you and those you know to both reclaim and maintain robust health and longevity. I encourage you to take a step today towards creating optimal health tomorrow.

Surpass The Records Of Longevity

I believe as you consistently adhere to the daily lifestyle known as The Five Portals, you can extend your life span beyond the Blue Zone range. When you use this wellness system, you become your own health manager and determine your health destiny.

By understanding how your body works, how and where disease imbalance truly begins, you have a road map to a life free of premature cellular degeneration and aging. Empower yourself with the knowledge I share. Give yourself and your family the gift of long, vibrant and energetic life.

Accomplish vibrant life extension by implementing the Five Portals of health. This practice provides the wellness blueprint I created to obtain and sustain robust longevity. Contact me now (407) 628-2176 to learn more about my proprietary life extension health system.

I welcome you to call today for your free 20 minute wellness consultation. Find out how my health system can  assist you with your particular health concerns. See a brief description of the Five Portals to healthy longevity in the section below.

The Five Portals To Healthy Longevity

Change The Health Imbalances You’re Experiencing Now!
Wellness And Health Coaching With Michelle

1. Therapeutic grade essential oils ~ Learn advanced, therapeutic grade essential oil use.  Your health will thrive as you learn  how to boost immunity, cellular and DNA repair, lengthen telomeres, and create healthy systemic body functions.

2. Healthy ketogenic diet ~ In my research and experience, the most effective way to regain and maintain healthy cellular balance is learning to create delicious vegan, ketogenic meals.  This lifestyle creates less cellular debris, oxidative stress, free radical damage and inflammation. It sets the foundation for healthy longevity.

3. Alkalizing ~ Learn to utilize foods, nutrients and certain alkalizing products within your daily health routine. This lifestyle approach provides an important component to avoid body tissue acidification and decay.

4. 4. Detoxification ~ The detox methods I share are vital for heightened immunity and systemic release of cellular waste.  By using these detoxification protocols your energy levels remain high, you prevent cleansing reactions, and auto-intoxication.

5. 5. Exercise
~ An exercise routine chosen for each person to move and cleanse the lymphatic (immune) system. These exercise routines are designed with the individual’s health constraints in mind.

Through years of travel, study and research I have created the Hamel Method wellness system. Contact the office today for your free 20 minute Wellness Consult, (407) 6282176. Your health and energy will soar!

Testimonials From Very Happy Clients

“Hi Michelle, what a wonderful relief the sinus triple combo blend with coconut oil is! It feels like a smooth nasal miracle. The first night I used it I woke up and could breathe clearly. I did not feel the usual stuffiness like a cat trying to cough out a fur ball. Your therapeutic essential oil knowledge and dietary guidance has changed my life. No need for my sinus meds! Thx a bundle of roses!!”
– Audrey Forka, Nurse Practitioner, Family Psychiatric Mental Health

“Hi Michelle wish to share my foot surgery testimonial with you. Finished with the operation and here is the great news!
My surgery entailed not only the bunion removal but my second toe was shortened. This was supposed to be a very painful surgery!
Once home, I was prepared with your special blend of therapeutic grade essential oils.
Now, I had my pain pills ready and on hand should the pain get out of hand – but didn’t need to use the drugs as the therapeutic grade essential oils were working. I let pain dictate when I used them, sometimes my next round of oils was after an hour – sometimes it was 6 hours later that I had some discomfort.
Within 20 minutes after using another round of this blend, my pain was relieved.  I must say I was surprised at the potent pain relief as I didn’t know if this blend of therapeutic essential oils were really going to be able to get me through this traditionally very painful surgery.
I only needed to use the essential oils for the first 2-3 days and then was totally fine without them. I am so happy that I did not need to take the narcotics along with their sedation and yucky side effects! I wish to thank you for all of the nutritional wisdom and advanced therapeutic essential oil guidance you have shared with me.”
– Holly Rosvik /Nurse Practitioner

“Michelle thank you for helping me resolve a life threatening staph infection…Two years ago I was sent home with a resistant 8 inch wound on my thigh. The doctors had done all they could. This is when I found out about your wellness program through a friend at church. Today, thanks to your wellness coaching; I am ballroom dancing again. Yes, dancing with a little limp, but I am thankful to have my leg, my life and my health!”
– Paul Jones

“I was a yoga loving vegan in my early twenties, and I thought I was doing everything right.  But my high carb, high acidity diet caused me to develop adult onset asthma in 2013.  I could not so much as walk across my lawn without going into a full on asthma attack.  It constantly sounded like there were a thousand baby kittens mewing in my lungs.  Life became impossible.  I couldn’t walk, sleep, let alone dance or do anything I loved without my bronchial system shutting down. Here’s the exciting news, today I am corticosteroid and inhaler free! This is how I conquered asthma…
Throughout the years, I tried going to countless respiratory specialists. All they could do was place me on inhaled corticosteroids, which have a ton of toxic, negative impacts.  I would bring doctors new studies, ask them about dietary changes and vitamins, but they never had a real solution for me – just a very dangerous band aid to keep me alive.  I tried elimination diets, eating paleo and being on the auto-immune protocol, took a few herbs here and there, downed fish oil and vitamin D, went on an off a myriad of foods, but nothing was healing me.
I very serendipitously met Michelle in March of 2017 in Asheville, NC at a local vegan joint.  After a seriously nerdy conversation about the nutritional value of sprouted, organic tofu, Michelle and I began talking about my health and she knew she could help. 
In just a few coaching sessions, Michelle was able to convey what has taken a lifetime of research and knowledge for her.  I am continuously amazed at the simplicity of her system.  My diet is now full of rich nutrients and foods that are fresh, alive and unprocessed.  Her alkalizing diet is a key component to healing asthma.  Medical researchers are well aware of the link between GERD/acid reflux and asthma, but again, they throw antacid band aids at the situation and do not promote holistic systems of supporting the body to heal.
In addition to the alkaline diet and alkalizing compounds, Michelle coached me on using therapeutic essential oils to support my immune system in cleansing respiratory biofilms and plaques from my body.  Dietary changes alone weren’t able to accomplish what therapeutic grade essential oils have done for me. 
After a year of cleansing and supporting my body, I am now corticosteroid and inhaler free.  Today, I am healthier than I thought I would ever be able to be again in my lifetime. I’m no longer afraid that I will die a horrific, asthmatic death.
Michelle is the only person I have ever met who could help me.  She is loving, bold, and absolutely brilliant.  She continuously keeps me updated and motivated with new research and success stories.  I feel immense gratitude for her mentorship and support throughout this process and look forward to paying this life changing gift forward”.
– Debra Darling

“Michelle, a quick note to let you know how the new me is doing using your 5 Portal wellness coaching program! I had my most recent Dr. check this past Monday. Down 5 pounds. Blood Sugar level was so good we cut one Rx. Blood Pressure was so good she said if my numbers stay that good I can get rid of that Rx by December! I joined a gym and hired a trainer today! I have been having people tell me that I look good and I have lots more energy.
My “official” diagnoses were Lupus, Diabetes, Liver Disease, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Inflammation, and I had my badly diseased gall bladder removed. But I’m not.. I refused to be.. identified by these labels.  Today, I am totally well with your wellness coaching. Thank You Michelle!! 😁
 – René Bowman

“I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for 10 years and have been on Humira shots, Methotrexate and other drugs for a long time. I knew that I wasn’t getting any relief from my joint pain. My RA doctor wanted to add another drug and place me on the heavy cortisone medication Prednisone, as my joint pain was escalating.
In February I met with Michelle for sciatic nerve problems which she remedied within 3 visits. I mentioned to her that I had RA and that I wanted to try a holistic route to take charge of my health. Michelle shared clinical studies with me. She coached me with specific health strategies and within a week I was off all of my prescription medications.
Besides Rheumatoid Arthritis I had struggled for years with recurrent shingles, digestive issues (part of my colon was removed along with my gallbladder) and weight problems. I’ve been on my new healthy lifestyle for about 8 weeks now and with Michelle’s coaching have completely eliminated my joint pain.
As an added benefit, I am have lost 23 pounds, and this is only the beginning of my transformation! My hope is that my story will help others suffering with RA and similar conditions. Thank you Michelle!”
– Janice Hitt

“This past April, my daughter introduced me to Michelle. She had problems with her back, and Michelle helped her immensely. I so desperately wanted to get off my “meds.” Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I was on Methotrexate and Prednisone.
Even though I was on medication, I always had joint and muscle pain. I was tired of seeing my Rheumatologist’s blank stare when I asked him “why” or “what else can I do,” and he never had an answer for me.
After much thought and prayer, I decided to take control of my body and find a natural, holistic method. Michelle helped me in doing just that! After consulting with her, I changed my diet, began specific detoxification methods and started a regiment of aromatherapy as oral supplements.
I truly believed that my body would respond to my new practices. Shortly, within a week; I was off all my medications. Most of my pain diminished very quickly. Currently, in less than two months, I have virtually no pain. I received my miracle!
Additionally, I suffered from severe dry eyes and a disease imbalance called Fuchs Dystrophy. Surgery was imminent on my right eye. When I went to my Ophthalmologist, he was amazed. He said “my eyes look beautiful. Whatever you are doing, continue doing it. No need for surgery.”
I am not taking anything specifically for my eyes, but I attribute this added benefit from the changes I have made in my life. My story is simple. Pray, take control of your body, commit to yourself, and listen to Michelle Hamel’s Wellness Coaching!!!”
– Lou Mastrolonardo

“Recently I was very excited to be introduced to Michelle. Her desire to share the abundance of information she possesses has greatly impacted my life.  She has been coaching me in the proper use of therapeutic essential oils and nutrition and helping me regain my wellness.  I have experienced a huge increase in my energy level and my skin conditions are resolved!  But this testimonial in not about me…….!
My 86 year old father was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma bone cancer.  He chose chemotherapy as his treatment method.  The chemo has been effective in lowering his cancer count but it has also been killing the white blood cells which he desperately needs to maintain a healthy immune system.  Dad’s white blood cell count steadily dropped after each chemo treatment  to a dangerous level of 1.97.
With Michelle’s wellness coaching, I convinced him to try a specific blend of therapeutic essential oil 3X a day.  Five days after using the oils, dad’s white blood count raised to 3.13!  Then a week later it was 3.5!  Dad accidentally neglected to take his essential oils one day prior to his weekly blood test and his count was back down to 2.5!  The oils work!  I saw the lab results with my own eyes!  Therapeutic grade essential oils used as dietary supplements, are powerful and with proper use they are life saving!  Thank you Michelle with BOTH our hearts!  My Dad and I look forward to increased wellness!
Cancer patients are not victims.  Sickness is a choice we make when we choose unhealthy eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.  Wellness is a choice we MUST consciously make and it is generous people like Michelle who educate us so we CAN succeed!  I am the creator of my own reality!  I choose health!
Peace and Joy!”
Lori S.

“This wonderful woman of vast knowledge changed my life from a sure short life, to a life of great vibrance. Michelle coached me and shared her health system when I suffered from Lyme disease. My suffering is now a distant memory. If your life is not where you want it to be Michelle Hamel is the wellness coach to see. Blessings to you Michelle!”
– Jeanne Krause

“While skiing in March of 2017, I had the misfortune of breaking my leg.  This required immediate surgery in which two plates and five screws were put into my knee ( tibia plateau).  My surgeon informed me that I would start to walk in three months. When I left the hospital a couple days later, I contacted Michelle and began using her post surgical therapeutic essential oil strategies. 
After only four weeks I ditched my crutches and just used a cane.
By the sixth week I was completely walking in half the normal healing time!  Not bad for a baby boomer (ugh)!  And by the way I also have two full bottles of pain killers that I never once had to use.”
– Kerry Elliott

“Michelle’s wealth of knowledge is amazing and life changing. Her knowledge is unbelievable and worth checking out. She guided me through her wellness processes and my health has soared. She is a blessing as a person who wants the world to know what good health is.”
– Vickie McPherson

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful research with me. Especially love the mouth and gut support protocols! Helped me to prevent another root canal!!”
– Melida Neal

“I have studied with Michelle for the last four years and she is the best bio-chemist I have ever met. She has learned through exhaustive research and travels what the real root causes are to health imbalances. Through utilizing her own God given intuition and intelligence she has developed a definitive course of action to obtain, recover and maintain a healthy environment in our bodies.  She has helped me though several health imbalances, including helping me totally recover from long term psoriasis.”
– Barry Cisneroz

“Michelle, thank you for all your research and knowledge! Your assistance with my prompt recovery from brain inflammation when I fell and suffered from a brain concussion was invaluable. You have blessed many! Thanks for all your years of help with my entire family!”
– Jackie Sugaski

“Thanks to Sofie who found the bundle of health knowledge, Michelle Hamel,  our lives are very blessed. We were introduced to amazing therapeutic essential oil health support, detox and dietary strategies that really helped our entire family’s health. My older daughter no longer suffers with a chronic sinus infection!”
– Dora Gutierre

Contact me for your personal Wellness Consultation (407) 628-2176.

Your Friend In Health,

Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT
Certified Wellness Consultant
Certified In Clinical Aromatherapy
With ~

Certifications and Trainings

Michelle Hamel LMT – NMT is a Licensed Neuromuscular and Myofascial Medical Massage Therapist in the greater Orlando area (#MA0009077).

Certified Aroma Therapist with 16 years of clinical essential oil research and use

She is a Certified Nutritional Coach and Live Blood Cell Microscopist with the PH Miracle Center.

Michelle Hamel is Certified in Lymphatic Detoxification by Teslar Global Technologies Inc.

She is the author of published articles sharing cutting edge information concerning healthy longevity and wellness.

Her studies and experience include training with the following doctors and organizations:

  • Dr. Robert Young of the PH Miracle Center
  • Prof. Robert W. Bradford, D.Sc., N.M.D.
  • Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D. Prof.,
  • Biomedx microscopy educational workshops
  • Hippocrates Health Institute
  • California College of Ayurveda

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