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A Few Words From Happy Pain Free Clients Including Health Practitioners Testimonials


“Michelle has been the Neuromuscular trained therapist I personally go to for over 15 years. I have referred many patients to her because she consistently provides specific therapy for the pain associated with herniated, bulging discs and pinched nerves.”
~ Juanita Brown, DO, P.A

“Most of the patients that we have sent Michelle have been associated with musculoskeletal and nerve pain, primarily of the spinal cord and neck region. We have had excellent results with her Neuromuscular Therapy.”
~ Roger Y. Murray, M.D.

“Michelle at The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center has proven soft tissue work which alleviates disc and nerve related pain in short order. She resolved my 20 year issue with lower back pain within several visits”
~ Dr. LaRue Collins

To whom it may concern:
The purpose of this correspondence is to document my personal and professional recommendation of Michelle Hamel LMT-NMT. Michelle helped me recover from a chronic rotator cuff injury. I have referred numerous patients with soft tissue injuries to her for care and have consistently witnessed my patients full recovery. She is a caring compassionate provider and very knowledgeable about soft tissue injury repair.”
~ Larry M. Langford, P.A.-C.

“This therapist is full of surprises. She has a good clinical eye. She recognized my subclinical sternocleidomastoid tightness. (neck muscle). She surprisingly improved my Achilles tendonitis of 3 months. Immediately after the 1st treatment I could walk and put my weight down on my foot for the first time.”
~ John Salud M.D.

“Dear Michelle,
I cannot thank you enough for getting rid of my back and leg pain. Over the Christmas holidays I developed sciatic nerve pain so severe I could barely stand or walk.
I was referred to you by one of my current clients. After the first session I began to immediately feel relief. By the 6th treatment I was completely pain free and had complete mobility. This was all done without drugs or injections, no manipulations of my spine or decompression. I cannot thank you enough.”
~ Edwin Szczepanik, D.M.D.

“Dear Ms. Hamel,
I wish to recommend your care for other patients suffering with carpal tunnel disorder. As you are aware I had this problem for about a month and a half prior to coming to you.
I had tried other means of relief including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, a steroidal dose pack, and immobilization of my hand in an arm splint.
This did nothing to alleviate the pain and problems in my hand, along with the numbness of the index finger and third finger.
Since your care, the symptoms have been relieved by your specific, deep pressure, carpal tunnel therapy. Thank you so much for your care and help during this disorder, which saved me from having possible surgery.
Sincerely Yours,”
~ R.Klien Bowen, M.D.

Herniated, Bulging, Ruptured Disc Pain, Sciatic Nerve Pain And
Other Testimonials:

Disc Pain No One Could Help
“I have been suffering with back pain for 20 years, but about one year ago it changed. I was on a trip to Africa, when I started having intense pain in my neck and shoulder. Nothing helped. I had 2 massages and sought out a chiropractor while on vacation. When I returned home I saw an orthopedist who administered shots, and a spine specialist who ordered an MRI and physical therapy. I also saw a chiropractor who said he didn’t want to treat me anymore since it was a severe disc problem. He was afraid of nerve damage.
The pain was so bad that I drove to the ER where they treated me for what they believed must be a heart attack! Fortunately this was not the case. I resigned myself to Ibuprofen and Tramadol, 4-5 times a day.
I found Michelle on Facebook. Her articles kept popping up on my home page, as I was “friends” with her sister. I decided to call figuring it couldn’t hurt, and would be better than surgery!  She has been treating me for about 1 month and I am no longer taking pain medication as my pain is completely gone. She does specific deep tissue work for spinal pain problems. This lady knows exactly what she is doing, and can explain it to you as well as give you tips on what you can do at home. I encourage anyone, especially those considering surgery, to try this treatment first.”
~ Pam Bishop

“I began experiencing pain in my right hip and groin area, followed by ever increasing numbness in my right thigh. After visiting my primary care physician, I was referred to one of Orlando’s prominent orthopedic clinics. After a couple office visits there, x-rays, MRI, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs, my condition did not improve very much. Fortunately, when mentioning this to a friend who I found had a similar problem in the past, he recommended Michelle Hamel at The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center.
After a consultation with Michelle, and her review of my history on this matter, including radiology reports, Michelle suggested my problem might be a bulging disc, not a hip, groin, leg, or other area problem after all. The pain from those areas was originating at the source of the problem, a bulging disc pinching my sciatic nerve. During a few weeks of soft tissue treatment by Michelle, my pain subsided and was eliminated. Michelle also guided me in establishing some continuing self help treatment. Her work has prevented the sciatica from returning. I highly recommend Michelle Hamel to anyone with back problems, and/or herniated, bulging disc, / sciatic nerve problems.”
~ Wally Temple

“First let me say that I have already had serious back surgery in May 0f 2010. I thought I had tried everything humanly possible to avoid surgery. I had used physical therapy and exercise beginning in 2002 and was able to temporarily avoid surgery. However, the severe back pain returned in 2010 and I made the mistake of having surgery. This surgery led to another disc problem.
I have a nutritionist that I have been using for many years who told me about Michelle. My nutritionist had flown into Orlando to receive treatments from Michelle and she recovered. Her success encouraged me to seek this therapy for myself.
Prior to receiving my treatment from Michelle, I was prescribed both a cane and a brace for my right leg nerve damage. That’s when I decided to fly to Orlando and work with Michelle.
I spoke to Michelle on the phone and set up a week of therapy. She began to work on my back with her specific soft tissue disc pain therapy. After my first three treatments she supplied me with a stretching tool to maintain the progress of my healing.
I was previously diagnosed with spinal stenosis and bulging discs. Since my treatment with Michelle my neurologist informed me that I no longer needed another surgery as my nerve damage is healed. Anyone with back problems should see Michelle and get treatment BEFORE considering surgery.”
~ Earl Wertheim, Cochester, Vermont

“In 2009 I started to have pain in my left leg and led to a diagnosis of Sciatica caused by a bulging disc in my back. In an effort to control the pain I ended up on three different medications, physical therapy and spinal injections.
Even with all of this “treatment” I was still in constant pain and had started down the path of surgery. A friend sent me a link to the “I Help Back Pain” website where quite honestly I didn’t believe that they were for real.
I eventually made an appointment where I met Michelle. I told her that I was extremely skeptical and was only there to stop the nagging of my wife.
What happened over the next 2.5 months was nothing short of life changing for me. With weekly treatments I was able to gradually reduce my medications where by the end I was on ZERO medicine with NO pain. Once I reached that stage I was done.
I had no pain at all for over 9 years until this year where due to not taking care of myself and following Michelle’s recommendations I starting to have some pain now in my right leg. I’m back seeing Michelle and am already on the path to recovery.
I am the most skeptical person you will ever meet. I generally don’t believe in treatment that doesn’t come from an MD but I will tell you this….Michelle is the real deal. If you have back issues, go see her TODAY”.
~ Jon Clements

“Thank you, again, for a great session last night.
I am training for my next half marathon, but the previously manageable pain in my hip and knee quickly became debilitating. 
I had seen a local orthopedic doctor who told me that I was getting older and needed to stop running. 
That’s not going to happen! I was reluctant to see another doctor and had heard some terrible things that can result from cortisone shots. I don’t want temporary relief, I want “healing.” A friend recommended Michelle and after just two sessions, I am back to running pain free!” You showed me that my hip pain was coming from my lower back.”
~ Angela Duplis

“Back in July 2013, I started having numbness in my feet. First it was mainly at night and it progressively deteriorated. Since it was not going away, I finally decided to go to see a medical professional who sent me to another one. An MRI was prescribed in November and I found out that I had a bulging disc touching a nerve. I was then referred to a medical practitioner for surgery. That next week, the sporadic burning sensations I would experience in my leg increased to a new level. My flesh felt like it was slowly burning from the inside. I was very distressed and in pain.
On my lunch break, I called my vitamin store to renew my supply of supplements. I told my counselor that I needed something for inflammation because I had a pinched nerve in my back. I was not expecting what followed…He told me he knew someone that could help me. He had sent customers to her and heard great reports. He knew people scheduled for surgery that were able to cancel it. That’s all I needed to hear…I went on the website and called Michelle. After the first session, the burning sensation disappeared. After the 6th session, the numbness in my feet is gone! Michelle was God sent and I
highly recommend her services.Blessings!”
~ Christine Maunat

“This is my testimonial. My name is Rick. I want to share my back pain story with you so that you can find your answer. For 29 years now I have experienced back pain on my left side. From my low back, down my leg to my knee and foot. The pain was so bad that my leg would give way and buckle. At times, I was actually dragging my leg behind me. The diagnosis was a ruptured disc.
Luckily I was at the kitchen table one morning, looking on the internet for help when I saw Michelle’s website. It was as though she was speaking directly to me. She was making a lot of sense as to the correct treatment that needed to be done. I felt directed to call right away and make my appointment. 
After my first treatment I experienced about 75% improvement. Following my third treatment, I have recovered! I am so pleased because prior to Michelle’s work I had tried numerous therapies and found no relief.
If you are tired of looking around and don’t like the options presented, give her therapy a try, you will be happy you did. As far as I’m concerned Michelle worked a miracle for me!”
~ Rick Sitzer 

“A few months ago, I started having bad neck pain. I went to my GP, and he prescribed pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications. That helped the problem, but I was taking them 6 times a day! I tried acupuncture for several treatments, and it helped temporarily, but did not last.
I also tried chiropractic, with similar results. I went to a spine specialist, who injected the area to determine the exact location, and that helped for a few days, but it came back.
I decided not to pursue the treatment which was to kill the nerve involved. The diagnosis was two compressed discs and nerve impingement.
My cousin, Pam described the good results that she had with Michelle, so I decided to give it a try. After 3 treatments, I was able to stop most of the pain medication, and am still going with good results. I have taken almost no pain relievers in the past few weeks, and the pain went from an 8 out of 10 to about a 2 out of 10, and sometimes there is no pain at all. I highly recommend Michelle’s practice.”
Martin Schiff Update:
“I have been virtually pain free since my last treatment. Instead of the very expensive, and ineffective injections I was contemplating, the treatments I got here have been effective in eliminating the problem almost entirely. I have not taken a single pain reliever in months, and was taking them many times a day before. Thanks Michelle.”
~ Martin Schiff

“Having suffered from severe back pain for years, I had accepted that this was the price to pay for too may years of athletics.I tried many therapies and treatments, but never achieved relief for more than a few months at a time. I heard about Michelle and after only two appointments with her, I am pleased to say that I have been pain free. Thanks to Michelle, I am now able to enjoy the sport I love, golf.”
~ Duke Marsh

“I was in 4 car accidents in 2004 which left me with shoulder and neck pain. I had seen many massage therapists, doctors, chiropractors, etc and was not able to get relief. Luckily a friend recommended Michelle who is AMAZING! After 5 visits I was totally pain free! I could hardly believe how fast she got me out of pain. Every once in awhile, when I have forgotten to do the stretching Michelle recommends, I go back in for a quick tuneup. Thanks Michelle!” 
~ Ada West

“You did an amazing job for Brad. He can’t believe after just one session how he can stand tall and not feel pain. He will definitely see you again and I’m so glad I found you. What a blessing, I referred my friend, Tiffani, to you today. Her husband, Frederick, had a terrible accident a while ago and is in constant pain on a daily basis. I am confident that you can help him too.”
~ Shirley A. Swan

“I was referred to Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center by my family physician, Dr. Christopher Conavay, after I was injured in an automobile accident. I was experiencing pain in my hip, neck, and sciatica in my lower back, making it difficult to function on a daily basis. After receiving therapy to my back and neck and cold light therapy on my knee, I have experienced full relief of my injuries including my hip, and have resumed my regular activities. Thank you, Michelle!”
~ P. Rowely

“I am a tree trimmer, and I overwork my back on a daily basis, climbing, pulling, lifting and running a heavy chainsaw. I experienced a serious lumbar disc injury which caused me excruciating pain and left me basically unable to function and work. I spent 4 months visiting various health practitioners with little positive results. An ad in the paper caught my eye and I decided to try Michelle Hamel’s Neuromuscular disc therapy. Her office was 3 1/2 hours from where I live. After the first visit I felt a big difference in my pain level. After 5 visits my pain was gone. I was able to function and return to work. I am very thankful to have my life back again!”
~ Philip Kaise-Highsprings Fl.

“Hi everyone, If you’re suffering with disc or knee pain I strongly suggest you see Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center
(407) 6282176! Michelle is a specialist in treating these soft tissue injures. Your life will change, guaranteed!”
~ Ivy Fernandez

Additional Pinched – Compressed Nerve Testimonials

“For over 2 years I had been unable to sleep without the aid of medication due to a pinched sciatic nerve in my low back. My other practitioners were unable to alleviate my discomfort. I found Michelle’s website and decided to pursue this healing path. It was important for me to get off the medication I was on. I wanted to get relief from my constant pain and get to the cause of my injury. Now, I am fully off the medication and I did achieve full relief with Michelle’s treatment. I am very grateful I found her and will refer everyone I know who has any type of back problem to her. She can help them!”
~ Tracy Brook

“When I went to Michelle, I had driven across the country from California and had a great deal of compression in my back.  I had been feeling back pain for over 1 1/2 years and had gotten massages and nothing else seemed to work aside from temporary relief.  Michelle had me fixed in one visit,  I then returned to Michelle with a pinched nerve that was very painful.  This was a little more of an effort than one visit, it took three.  She managed to incorporate healing from essential oils into the treatments and helped me recover from a very serious injury. I would recommend Michelle to anyone.  Having worked with many healers and having a good amount of body work done, I see her skill as being top notch and a rare find.  Your body will thank you.”
~ Chuck Wagner

“If you’re looking for a therapist that can hit the “spot” that no other therapist can get to, Michelle is the one. She has a way of finding and relieving all body pains. Her techniques are unlike any I’ve experienced from at least 50 other massage therapists. She has helped me with pinched nerves in my neck, tennis elbow and most of all lower back pain caused by ruptured and bulging disks.  I would highly recommend paying her a visit. I find her to be worth every penny.”
~ Jeffery Ward

Neck Pain, Brachial Plexus-Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Testimonials

Brachial Plexux Thoracic Outlet Syndrome / Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center

“I was diagnosed with brachial plexus and thoracic outlet blockage by my orthopedic surgeon. I had pain in my upper back and at night my arms would go numb. It was so bad, that it would wake me up every evening. During the day I was constantly shaking my arms for relief. I had tried many therapies.. The Orthopedic had just given me pain meds and muscle relaxers. MRIs of the upper and lower spine were taken. They told me I had to live with the condition and consider “pain management”.
Ready to adjust my whole lifestyle around my diagnosis, I spoke with a friend who recommended I go to “The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center” and see Michelle Hamel. After a few sessions my nerves were free and my numbness was gone. My pain had been “relieved” not “managed”. I follow the advice I was given and I am now in control of my life, thanks to Michelle Hamel.”
~ Joann Silkey

“The specific medical massage therapy I received from Michelle was very effective in my recovery. I originally had felt as though I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder. I tried to alleviate the pain by going to an acupuncturist and other health practitioners, as well as including regular deep tissue massage, all with no success.
But after visiting with Michelle, she explained that my injury may be a pinched nerve, my brachial plexus. Once discovered, Michelle applied her treatment to the area of concern and by the fourth session I am 100% back to my pain free self. She was very attentive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone who may have similar pain and symptoms” ~ David Clark
No Exploratory Neck Surgery
“I want to say a few words about how much Michelle Hamel has helped me with alleviating my debilitating neck and shoulder pain with her specific massage techniques and essential oils. My pain is gone and I feel better than I have in years, here’s what happened…I had been looking forward to a bit easier life pursuing various personal interests in retirement…and had been suffering with progressive pain in my neck and shoulder for more than several years.  It was extremely painful.
This brought associated weakness, numbness and tingling down both my arms.At the time, I was lucky enough to be near a friend, who just happened to be a neurosurgeon. He examined my x-rays and MRI’s confirming I had severely pinched the nerves with deterioration of the bone in my spine.There was no surgical or other physical therapy that traditional medicine had to offer except exploratory surgery which carried even greater risks. Not. All I could do was use heat compresses, eat pain pills and give it time. Not my preferred happy prognosis. I didn’t know of any other therapy or treatments so I followed the advice of the doctors and resigned myself to living with it, and with it, and with it…
I had to find some help. This is when I found Michelle and gave her a call. She has had great success with treating brachial plexus injuries specific to my situation. My first session with her reduced the pain 90% or more, nearly ending the numbness and tingling in my arms, giving me a chance to regain my strength. A few more treatments with Michelle have eliminated my pain completely. I have not had to take my pain prescription since the first session.
I want to whole heartedly endorse Michelle’s holistic therapies which have given me hope for a much better quality of life to look forward to. There is so much more to learn and know about how effective these therapies are. It’s worth your time. It’s worth your life

~ Walter Jackson

“I went to Michelle because I had a stiff neck referring pain down my right arm. She said it may be Brachial Plexus. After the first treatment the pain was gone in my arm and my neck wasn’t stiff! She also showed me some stretches to remain pain free. SHE IS THE BEST!!”
~ Jackie Sugaski

Non-Surgical Shoulder Injury Repair Testimonials ~ Rotator Cuff, And More…

Complete, Non-Surgical Recovery From Debilitating
Shoulder Impingement ~ Bursitis ~ Rotator Cuff Injuries

To whom it may concern:
The purpose of this correspondence is to document my personal and professional recommendation of Michelle Hamel LMT-NMT. Michelle helped me recover from a chronic rotator cuff injury. I have referred numerous patients with soft tissue injuries to her for care and have consistently witnessed my patients full recovery. She is a caring compassionate provider and very knowledgeable about soft tissue injury repair.”
Larry M. Langford, P.A.-C. ~

“Maybe you can relate to my story… I had debilitating shoulder bursitis with impingement and went to the most respected orthopedic group in Orlando. I was put through their standard treatment protocols including: x-ray with cortisone shot and following up with physical therapy and soon an MRI (costs were skyrocketing)…
As an RN this seemed logical but I could not get relief from the pain of the impingement in the joint which was causing bursitis. I kept reading online and on u-tube that you could heal from this shoulder injury but everything I tried failed and I had to give up sports and recreational activities.
In desperation, I googled shoulder impingement-specialists and lumped in with all major orthopedics in town, Michelle’s website popped up and her informative shoulder article along with the testimonials were very convincing. It was obvious she knew what she was talking about.
I called her immediately and when she communicated how proper space has to be created in and around the entire joint, I had hope! I made an appointment and after her specialized treatment, I had full, pain-free range of motion.
After several visits, I’m thrilled to say, I’m am pain free and enjoying all my normal activities!
WHAT A BLESSING!! Call to action… If you have shoulder pain and not getting relief from traditional therapies, do yourself a giant favor and call Michelle today. Thank you Michelle:) P.S. Don’t be deceived when therapists say they can resolve your shoulder injury. Michelle is the only medical massage therapist I know that fully understands how to create space in and around the joint.” 
~ Valerie Dunn RN

“I had a lot of pain in my arm and shoulder which was seriously affecting my ability to carry on daily life.  Dr. discovered a bone spur in my shoulder which he said was the culprit. The cortisone shot and physical therapy worked temporarily. I was pretty desperate for relief when I found Michelle’s website. After two extended treatments, she was able to lengthen my muscles and tendons around the shoulder joint, creating space so that the spur was not scraping against them.  I believe her expertise and intricate work was key to my pain relief and improved range of motion. That, combined that with the stretches she recommended as well as some hot/cold therapy have sped the healing process for me.  I am so grateful to Michelle and appreciate her work.”
~ Linda Patick

Miss Galaxy’s Shoulder Injury Healed Completely With My Treatment

“Michelle, your specific shoulder treatment was the one thing that finally repaired my shoulder injury. Thank you for my full recovery!”
~ Brandy Carrier ~ Miss Galaxy 1996 and Triple Crown World Champion 97

“If anyone has any back or shoulder issues then you need to seek out Michelle Hamel. 2 weeks ago Alan was in agony and didn’t know how he was going to continue to work. 2 visits to Michelle and he is now able to use his shoulder again and even better than before. Thanks Michelle”
~ Linda and Alan Fennel

“Michelle worked her magic on my shoulder that was hurting for days. The pain was about a 7.  I woke up in the morning after having one treatment and the pain was completely gone and didn’t return. Michelle is the best Neuromuscular  massage therapist with whom I have worked–and I’ve checked with several. Her medical massage therapy is unique and EFFECTIVE!  Go see her if you have any sort of pain or injury and I promise you will feel better.”
~ Pamella Goldsmith

“Michelle Thank you so much for doing just what you said you would do. I blew out my shoulder and was experiencing extreme pain, could hardly move it at all, in fact I could hardly drive to your office… This acute injury occurred from my work on the farm and finally a throwing motion. My rotator cuff injury really concerned me as it was my right arm. Two trips to you for your specific shoulder therapy and the pain went away 100%. I am back to normal with total use of my shoulder. Thanks so much for your great work.”
Dennis Parker, Majestic Tree Farm

“For two years I suffered constant right shoulder pain, from a damaged rotator cuff, that defied all attempts at healing: an injection schedule with my primary care physician occasionally provided only temporary relief, and by temporary I mean a few days, at best; then there was an array of physical therapists. I was not getting better often the pain intensified. I could not bear to lift my arm to brush my hair. Putting my ailing arm into sleeves was agonizing. Eventually, an orthopedic specialist broke the bad news that my only hope to heal the shoulder and banish the pain was surgical repair. That was off the table, in my view, having known people whose surgical results were worse than the original injury. It seemed like an act of Grace when a health professional recommended I make an appointment with Michelle Hamel. “If it can be fixed, she can fix it,” I was told. My considerable skepticism yielded to my desperation, and I made the appointment. I was first struck by how carefully Michelle listened as I described in detail the exact location of my pain, and I was impressed that she was going to work with her hands, and not, as had been my recent experience, with some gadget that seemed almost quackery.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ve got it.” From the first touch her hands and fingers seemed to move by instinct to the exact, extremely deep point of pain. No other physician or therapist had reached it before. During treatment, my threshold for pain was never exceeded, as she continued to work, and I noticed that she was taking her time, not watching the clock for the billable hour to pass. The relief was noticeable immediately, and I continued with appointments until healing was complete…about four visits. Since that time, I have been treated by Ms. Hamel for different injuries, and recommended her to many people. A good friend even drove from Tampa for her care, after disc surgery. Today, my right arm remains pain-free, with full mobility, thanks to the skills of Michelle Hamel. I strongly recommend her for treatment of shoulder issues, and will continue to count on her skills as needed. Michelle truly has healing hands.”
~ Dee Rivers-Yowell

Non-Surgical Treatment Testimonials for Carpal Tunnel

carpal tunnel / Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center

All American Termite @ Pest Control, Inc.

“Dear Michelle: This is the first opportunity I’ve had to thank you for your excellent work on our employee Carl Bassett. He was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists. Carl has been a computer analyst for many years. In addition, he is a classical pianist. The combination finally caught up with him producing his cumulative trauma. Because you had helped one of our other employees, Renee Sebeck with her injuries after her vehicle accident, I decided to send Carl to you. You had him back to work full time in a little over two weeks. There was no pain and he was able to maintain that status with the exercises you taught him to do. Thank you once again and I look forward to your help in the future.”
Cody Spears Loss Control Manager

“I have been suffering for the better part of a year from numbness in both hands typically occurring while sleeping on my side. Being a side sleeper, this caused me to wake numerous times a night with very painful numbness and tingling. I NEVER was able to sleep through the night. While being treated for severe nerve pain in my arm, I told Michelle about the numbness and tingling neck ‘issues’. She chuckled lightly and said “oh that’s an easy one to treat”. My next 3 treatments were then devoted to both my arm and neck. My numbness and tingling in both my neck elbow and hands stopped that night after the 3rd treatment. The numbness and tingling have not return.  As an additional benefit, the tightness between my shoulder blades to which I attributed to stress, has also disappeared.”
~ Andre Biewend

Lymphatic Problems and Detox Testimonials

“In March of 2010 a mammogram and subsequent ultrasound came back as ‘abnormal’. Two new lumps were detected and a biopsy was the recommended next course of action. Questioning the value and necessity of this I sought out alternative treatment and was sent to Michelle from my osteopathic physician Dr. Juanita Brown. I am so fortunate to have found Michelle Hamel’s Neuromuscular Pain Relief Clinic. Michelle promptly set out a successful wellness protocol for me. Light therapies (LBG and ST-8) combined with dietary coaching for food, herbs and supplements returned my body back to a healthy balance. In a matter of days the smaller lump was gone. A few weeks later the larger lump had completely disappeared. Thermography imagery confirmed no pathology in my breast tissue. It is so powerful knowing you can take control of your own health – what a gift Michelle has given me. Thank You, Michelle!”
~ Jennifer, Lake Mary

“For the past 5 years I have been diagnosed with breast cysts and have undergone a total of three biopsies in 1999, 2003, and 2004. All were benign, but after my last mammogram/sonogram in late 2004 I was told by my doctor that I would need to see a surgeon again. Rather than undergo another invasive procedure, only to find nothing, I wanted to see if there was another option. I heard about Michelle’s practice and the lymphatic drainage with the light beam generator. I had always suffered not only from the cysts, but extreme tenderness in my breasts. Sometimes it was so bad that I had to sleep in a sports bra. After the first couple of treatments, I noticed an instant decrease in tenderness. Now after a month I have been free of tenderness, and upon examination have not been able to find any of the lumps I felt before.”
~ Laura Talley

“A few months ago I discovered a painful lump, about the size of a small golf ball behind my right knee. After 2-1/2 hour light beam generator treatments with Michelle the lump disappeared, along with the pain. More recently I had some swelling and pain around the inside of one of my ankles. After 2 LBG treatments the swelling and pain were completely gone.”
~ Jerry Debelles

“My 11 years old son, Evan, developed very large swollen glands (lymph nodes) on the right side of his neck and chin area. Generally, lymph nodes in that area are the size of an unshelled peanut. The glands on Evan’s neck were at least half the size of a golf ball and both of the nodes were visible when viewed from a distance. Typically when there is a problem with the glands, they are sensitive to touch; however, they were not even painful when touched which was not a good sign. We were very concerned about Evan, given the size of his lymph nodes and the fact that he wasn’t showing any other significant symptoms. Blood tests revealed that he was fighting off something, and certain levels indicated there weren’t any signs of lymphoma or other type of cancer.
Because we were concerned, we decide to contact my sister, Michelle, who has been practicing holistic health coaching for many years. I had heard her talk of using fairly new technology on patients with swollen lymph nodes that would not go down in size. We had Evan treated daily on her Light Beam Generator and within four to five days the nodes softened and are now down to normal size. The period from onset to getting back to normal once we contacted Michelle was 1 week. There is no telling how long Evan’s lymph nodes would have stayed enlarged had we not contacted Michelle. Michelle, thanks again for your concern for Evan and all of your help with his situation. It was a stressful time and your work with Evan put us at ease. Thanks!”
~ Paul and Teri Hamel

“In November, I underwent thermography in lieu of a mammogram at a holistic health facility. This treatment confirmed that I had fibrocystic disease in both breasts, although the left side had been causing quite a bit of discomfort. In addition both breasts were somewhat swollen and tender. They recommended lymphatic drainage. I had met Michelle about this time and decide to try the LBG. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but after the first 5 treatments I noticed a huge improvement. I have noticed a 100% improvement in my condition and look forward to the next thermography to validate what I truly feel has occurred.”
~ Gina Talley

Headache and Earache Treatment Testimonial

Headache and Earache Treatment/ I help back pain “My name is Lee Smith. I wanted to express my pleasure with the successful treatments I’ve had over the last few weeks with Michelle. For several months prior, I had been having an earache, neck pain, headaches in the back of my head, light-headedness and sometimes pulsating pains in the middle of my right ear. This pain had become a problem almost every day without relief. I had been to an Internal medicine doctor who recommended an MRI of the Inner ear canal and of the brain.
Instead I went to a chiropractor who referred me out for an MRI of the cervical spine (the neck area). The result of the MRI showed a bulging disc in my neck and a stretched ligament.
 Michelle helped heal the nerve and disc in my neck with her special soft tissue work. Since the second visit, I have been virtually pain-free, no earaches, neck pain, or headaches. Michelle explained that the pain and light-headedness referring into my ear was caused by a muscle called sternocleidomastoid or SCM – (don’t remember how to pronounce it). In addition to the therapy, she coaches during the sessions on proper diet and exercise for better overall health. I would highly recommend you visit Michelle if you are having any kind of pain, especially neck or back pain.”
~ Lee Smith

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