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The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center offers comprehensive treatment for relief of herniated, bulging  and ruptured disc pain. When a disc moves posterior (towards a nerve) this alternative, logical approach quickly assists disc movement away from the injured nerve.

By creating the necessary space with my proprietary soft tissue therapy you allow the damaged nerve room to heal. Your searing pain quickly becomes a distant memory with this treatment and you have your former pain free life back.

How Did This Condition Occur?

Generally, your disc problem was not the result of one specific movement on one specific day.

Your injury was caused by a cumulative shortening of specific soft tissue which causes painful disc and nerve imbalance.

You need to establish the correct soft tissue lengthening and break the cycle of pain.

A herniated or bulging disc refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions or (disc) between the individual bones called (vertebrae). The disc is like the jelly in a doughnut.

Sometimes called a slipped disk or a ruptured disk, a herniated or bulging disc occurs when the “jelly”pushes posterior towards your spine and irritates a nerve such as the sciatic nerve originating at L2 L3 in your lower back. This disc condition results in pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your leg and at times your foot.

My treatment protocols work for disc imbalance throughout the entire spinal column.

According to the Mayo Clinic and my clinical experience the majority of people who suffer with a bulging or herniated disc do not need surgery to correct this painful problem:

At the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center you have found immediately effective, non-surgical treatment for damaged nerves, herniated, bulging, and ruptured disc pain. My therapy provides a unique and desperately needed soft tissue treatment that resolves pain associated with disc conditions.

Decide To Be Free Of Disc Pain!

I am a certified LMT-NMT, a Neuromuscular and Myofascial Therapist. Through years of clinical experience I developed proprietary soft tissue protocols that quickly resolve pain associated with spinal injuries. My colleagues have often asked me to teach my soft tissue system. You’ll find my treatments extremely effective!

Countless clients are very happy that I specialize in these specific soft tissue protocols that resolved their painful disc and nerve conditions. They appreciate that upon their recovery I showed them how to remain well for life!

Why Live With Pain? View Susan’s Powerful Testimonial:

“Michelle Hamel is a lifesaver! She saved me from having neck surgery that was going to restrict my movements, radically reduce what I could do and ruin my life. I had been impacted in a car accident that caused my left arm and hand to be numb. I was told by a Chiropractor not to “sneeze” for fear of paralyzing myself, since every vertebrae was “out” in my neck. I had herniations and bulging discs in all my cervicals!
The Chiropractor referred me to the Neurosurgeon who wanted to schedule surgery. My friend told me to go to Michelle immediately. Best decision I ever made, for she gave me back my life. If you need help and were wondering where to turn, you have found the right place…contact Michelle, Now!”
~ Susan Menand

Specific Therapy For Posterior Disc Movement

The therapeutic massage techniques I developed quickly lengthen specific muscles, tendons and ligaments which are overly contracted and causing posterior disc movement (discs moving towards the nerves). This work creates the correct soft tissue balance within and around your spine. Muscles are part of the lever system which moves our joints. They create movement within our spine. The spine flexes, extends and rotates.

Within our daily life everything we do creates spine flexion causing an imbalance in the soft tissue. If you are having pain associated with inflamed nerves and discs this treatment is life changing as the proper spinal balance is established. Utilizing this innovative soft tissue system which gets to the root of the problem, your spinal imbalance quickly heals. 

Nerve Compression or Impingement

If you are experiencing local or referred pain and inflammation from disc and nerve related issues and need immediate help, relief is available at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. 

The nerve compression, also known as nerve impingement you are experiencing may be causing local or referred (nerve pain) neuralgia from your neck to your shoulder, arm and hand.  Your pain may be also be referred from your lower back to your hip, groin, leg or foot.

Break the Cycle

When posterior disc movement occurs (caused by muscle, tendon and ligament imbalance) the disc can irritate a nerve. The nerve then becomes overly stimulated and inflamed, contracting the muscles even further. This is the cycle of neuralgia (local and referred nerve irritation) and muscle pain. 

Visit my clinic and experience dramatic relief for yourself. Allow me to help you break this cycle. Your back or neck disc injuries resolve quickly with my non-surgical soft tissue intervention. This holistic path provides you immediate and lasting pain relief. 

Click here for more information concerning my alternative herniated disc and bulging disc treatment. Remember, I help you recover quickly. Your results begin with one treatment and you can be pain free within several visits. Experience elite health and wellness again!

Other soft tissue conditions I successfully treat:

Additional Testimonials

“This is my testimonial. My name is Rick. I want to share my back pain story with you so that you can find your answer. For 29 years now I have experienced back pain on my left side. From my low back, down my leg to my knee and foot. The pain was so bad that my leg would give way and buckle. At times, I was actually dragging my leg behind me. The diagnosis was a ruptured disc.
Luckily I was at the kitchen table one morning, looking on the internet for help when I saw Michelle’s website. It was as though she was speaking directly to me. She was making a lot of sense as to the correct treatment that needed to be done. I felt directed to call right away and make my appointment.
After my first treatment I experienced about 75% improvement. Following my third treatment, I have recovered! I am so pleased because prior to Michelle’s work I had tried numerous therapies and found no relief.
If you are tired of looking around and didn’t like the options presented, give her therapy a try, you will be happy you did. As far as I’m concerned Michelle worked a miracle for me!”
~ Rick Sitzer

“First let me say that I have already had serious back surgery in May 0f 2010. I thought I had tried everything humanly possible to avoid surgery. I had used physical therapy and exercise beginning in 2002 and was able to temporarily avoid surgery. However, the severe back pain returned in 2010 and I made the mistake of having surgery. This surgery led to another disc problem.
I have a nutritionist that I have been using for many years who told me about Michelle. My nutritionist had flown into Orlando to receive treatments from Michelle and she recovered. Her success encouraged me to seek this therapy for myself.
Prior to receiving my treatment from Michelle, I was prescribed both a cane and a brace for my right leg nerve damage. That’s when I decided to fly to Orlando and work with Michelle.
I spoke to Michelle on the phone and set up a week of therapy. She began to work on my back with her specific disc therapy. After my first three treatments she supplied me with a stretching tool to maintain the progress of my healing.
I was previously diagnosed with spinal stenosis and bulging discs. Since my treatment with Michelle my neurologist informed me that I no longer needed another surgery as my nerve damage is healing. Anyone with back problems should see Michelle and get treatment BEFORE considering surgery.”
~ Earl Wertheim ~ Cochester, Vermont

“I am a tree trimmer, and I overwork my back on a daily basis, climbing, pulling, lifting and running a heavy chainsaw. I experienced a serious lumbar disc injury in January of 2012 which caused me excruciating pain and left me basically unable to function and work. I spent 4 months visiting various health practitioners with little positive results. An ad in the paper caught my eye and I decided to try Michelle Hamel’s Neuromuscular disc therapy. Her office was 3 1/2 hours from where I live. After the first visit I felt a big difference in my pain level. After 5 visits my pain was gone. I was able to function and return to work. I am very thankful to have my life back again!”
~ Philip Kaise-Highsprings Fl

“Back in July 2013, I started having numbness in my feet. First it was mainly at night and it progressively deteriorated. Since it was not going away, I finally decided to go to see a medical professional who sent me to another one. An MRI was prescribed in November and I found out that I had a budging disc touching a nerve. I was then referred to a medical practitioner for surgery. That next week, the sporadic burning sensations I would experience in my leg increased to a new level. My flesh felt like it was slowly burning from the inside. I was very distressed and in pain. On my lunch break, I called my vitamin store to renew my supply of supplements. I told my counselor that I needed something for inflammation because I had a pinched nerve in my back. I was not expecting what followed…He told me he knew someone that could help me. He had sent customers to her and heard great reports. He knew people scheduled for surgery that were able to cancel it. That’s all I needed to hear…I went on the website and called Michelle. After the first session, the burning sensation disappeared. After the 6th session, the numbness in my feet is gone! Michelle was God sent and I highly recommend her services. Blessings!” ~ Christine Maunat

“If you’re looking for a therapist that can hit the “spot” that no other therapist can get to, Michelle is the one. She has a way of finding and relieving all body pains. Her techniques are unlike any I’ve experienced from at least 50 other massage therapists. She has helped me with pinched nerves in my neck, tennis elbow and most of all lower back pain caused by ruptured and bulging disks. In addition, to her skillful hands she has shared natural remedies for everything from stress to detox. I would highly recommend paying her a visit. I find her to be worth every penny.” ~ Jeffery Ward

The medical massage techniques I use work as they release the pressure on impinged, pinched or compressed nerves. Expect excellent results after your first treatment. Expect total recovery within five visits. Once you are pain free I show you how to maintain your results. Choose this holistic method today. You will be very happy you did!

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