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Millions of people in America are suffering from Carpal Tunnel nerve pain and many are seeking non surgical treatment. The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Clinic provides precise non surgical medical massage treatment for Carpal Tunnel release.

At the clinic a comprehensive approach is provided for prompt recovery. During your treatment, the cause of your median nerve injury is targeted, treated and resolved. It’s important to locate and treat the origin of your wrist pain. Continue reading to learn more…

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Here is a great analogy. If you were to wrap a cord directly over the median nerve and pull it tight; you would cut off the nerve impulse. Your wrist would go numb. It would tingle, throb, ache, and swell.

Many times you are experiencing these painful symptoms due to contracted soft tissue from your neck to your hands. This overly tight tissue is creating pressure over your Median Nerve. The pain you’re feeling is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Again, it’s very important to realize that the median nerve pain you’re experiencing may not be coming from your wrist alone!

A Comprehensive Carpal Tunnel Treatment Plan Is Needed

The origin of Carpal Tunnel pain may come from multiple sources. You need to find and address the cause. At the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center all of the soft tissue known to cause Carpal Tunnel symptoms is treated, allowing the median nerve room to heal.

Carpal Tunnel symptoms occur when one or several soft tissue imbalances within your neck, arm, wrist and hand are present. You may have heard there is nothing you can do to release the median nerve, short of carpal tunnel surgery.

By reading this article you will learn about a comprehensive soft tissue approach. This non surgical Carpal Tunnel release has worked for countless clients visiting the clinic…

How Does This Specific Carpal Tunnel Therapy Work?

I am Michelle Hamel, NMT – LMT, a certified Neuromuscular, Myofascial Therapist, an expert soft tissue specialist. One of my specialties is the release of pinched median nerve injuries.

When you visit the clinic for your therapy I use unique, highly specific and focused deep tissue work to lengthen every muscle, tendon and ligament involved with your injury. This includes the soft tissue from your neck to your hand. This complete treatment plan creates the necessary space for your median nerve to heal.

What Soft Tissue Is Treated In This Approach?

The median nerve causes problems when it’s compressed anywhere along its path. This pressure on the nerve causes carpal tunnel pain. Many times the nerve compression takes place in the neck, referring pain to your hand. Median Nerve compression can happen anywhere along the Median Nerve as it travels to your hand.

With the understanding of referred and localized Carpal Tunnel symptoms, I begin your Carpal Tunnel treatment by examining and lengthening all of the related muscles and tendons along the nerve pathway. I pay special attention to the brachial plexus nerve bundle, which includes the median nerve within your neck. This area is known to refer pain to the wrist.

Next, I address overly contracted muscles, tendons and ligaments in your forearm and hand which may also be causing your Carpal Tunnel pain. All contracted soft tissue is lengthened with this targeted deep tissue approach.

Finally, your wrist pain may also be caused by an extremely tight and shortened Transverse Carpal Ligament pinching the Median Nerve. This ligament tightness is corrected during your specific deep tissue treatments.

This focused work lengthens the carpal ligament, breaks up scar tissue and removes damaging pressure along the whole median nerve pathway. By choosing this comprehensive Carpal Tunnel release, the pain and inflammation you feel at your wrist and hand is eliminated using a non-surgical approach.

Experience marked pain relief after your first treatment and expect to be without wrist pain within 2 to 5 visits. When significant median nerve space is created, I demonstrate a complete home stretching program. I also share topical therapeutic essential oil protocols which help you maintain pain free use of your wrist. Call the office for your non surgical Carpal Tunnel Release appointment today:  (407) 628-2176.

For additional information concerning the different types of nerve injuries click this link:  pinched and entrapped nerves.

Carpal Tunnel Testimonials

Dear Ms. Hamel,
I wish to recommend your care for other patients suffering with carpal tunnel disorder. As you are aware I had this problem for about a month and a half prior to coming to you.
I had tried other means of relief including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, a steroidal dose pack, and immobilization of my hand in an arm splint.
This did nothing to alleviate the pain and problems in my hand, along with the numbness of the index finger and third finger.
Since your care, the symptoms have been relieved by your specific, deep tissue, carpal tunnel therapy. Thank you so much for your care and help during this disorder, which saved me from having possible surgery.
Sincerely Yours,
R. Klien Bowen, M.D.

“I have been suffering for the better part of a year from numbness in both hands typically occurring while sleeping on my side. Being a side sleeper, this caused me to wake numerous times a night with very painful numbness and tingling. I NEVER was able to sleep through the night. While being treated for severe nerve pain in my arm, I told Michelle about the numbness and tingling neck ‘issues’. She chuckled lightly and said “oh that’s an easy one to treat”. My next 3 treatments were then devoted to both my arm and neck. My numbness and tingling in both my neck elbow and hands stopped that night after the 3rd treatment. The numbness and tingling have not return.  As an additional benefit, the tightness between my shoulder blades to which I attributed to stress, has also disappeared.”
Andre Biewend

All American Termite @ Pest Control, Inc.

Dear Michelle:
This is the first opportunity I’ve had to thank you for your excellent work on our employee Carl Bassett. He was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists. Carl has been a computer analyst for many years. In addition, he is a classical pianist. The combination finally caught up with him producing his cumulative trauma.

Because you had helped one of our other employees, Renee Sebeck with her injuries after her vehicle accident, I decided to send Carl to you. You had him back to work full time in a little over two weeks. There was no pain and he was able to maintain that status with the exercises you taught him to do.

Thank you once again and I look forward to your help in the future.
Cody, Spears
Loss Control Manager

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