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Natural Herniated Disc Treatment Orlando


Searching for a non-surgical, alternative therapy for herniated discs, bulging discs, and ruptured discs pain? The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center specializes in immediate and lasting reversal of pain associated with spinal injuries. You have found your non-invasive solution with this proprietary treatment soft tissue therapy.

Thousands Of My Clients Are Free Of Back Pain. Continue Reading To Learn More…

Proprietary Work

This treatment offers an innovative and powerful blend of Neuromuscular and Myofascial Release. My soft tissue therapies are very unique. I have often been asked to teach this highly effective spinal treatment. Most often you will experience total relief within two to five visits. My proprietary medical massage treatment enables your quick recovery from disc and nerve pain.

Make the decision to get well quickly. Call the office today and recover from your spinal and referred pain within a few short weeks. I have created a therapeutic system which has helped countless people  recover from disc and nerve pain.

These people were suffering with disc and nerve inflammation and simply did not know which path to choose. They heard about my alternative spinal therapy in the greater Orlando area and found their answer. This soft tissue solution is here for you. Make the decision to resolve your spinal pain today, call
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How Does My Therapy Work? Here’s A Logical Analogy

Think of jelly in the middle of a doughnut as the spinal disc. When you were a little child and you bent your jelly doughnut forward the jelly came out the back, right? The same holds true with the disc between our vertebrae.

Our constant flexion of the neck, mid back or hips creates posterior disc movement. With this immediately effective soft tissue therapy, pressure from the disc and resultant nerve irritation is permanently eliminated.

The Effects Of Constant Forward Flexion

Within our daily activities, we tend to mainly lean forward. You may say that “life is a constant forward bend” as all activities lean in this forward direction.

This repetitive motion may eventually cause an imbalance, or shortening of the soft tissue. When this shortening occurs the following patterns begin.

The vertebrae are forced to come together in the front of your spine and place pressure on the discs. The discs move posterior (backward) where they irritate the nerves and the over stimulated nerves tell the muscles to contract even more. This leaves you with local or referred nerve, muscle and joint pain. 

My name is Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT, a soft tissue neck and back pain relief specialist, owner of the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. I offer non-invasive specific Therapeutic-Medical Massage you’ve been looking for. Listed below are a few disc problems you may be experiencing and an explanation of the treatments I provide.

Cervical Disc Placing Pressure on a Nerve

The injury may be coming from a cervical disc in your neck pinching or entrapping a nerve. This irritated nerve may be causing local or referred pain from your neck to your shoulder and at times weakness in your arm and hand.

Lumbar Sacral Disc Pain

If you are experiencing pain or neuralgia, in your lower back, hips, groin, leg, back of knee or top of your foot this may be referred from an inflamed sciatic nerve. It may be caused by a herniated slipped or bulging disc in your lower back. Your physician may suggest the use of anti-inflammatory medicine, a series of nerve blocks, or surgery

There is Another Way A Non-Invasive Quick Path to Recovery

I have developed non-invasive soft tissue protocols, which reverse the imbalance and pain caused by posterior disc movement (towards the spinal nerves). This is accomplished by lengthening specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments which are involved.

My clients recover quickly as muscles move our bones, vertebrae and discs. Muscles are part of the lever system in our body. With this treatment the primary cause of spinal imbalance is addressed. These wonderful people are pleased as they quickly resume their daily pursuits without pain.

With my specific soft tissue treatment your disc imbalance heals within two to five weeks. You will no longer suffer from chronic nerve, muscle and joint pain. Once well I show you how you to remain well for life!

Break the Cycle of Pain

Within one treatment you know that you are absolutely on the road to recovery.  During your treatment you may also experience the clinical use of therapeutic grade essential oils combined with infrared light therapy.

Both essential oils and infrared light are proven to reduce inflammation and swelling. According to research studies and results with my clients, adding these healing modalities to your treatment accelerates your healing process.

Experience elite health and wellness again by making your appointment today with Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center: (407) 628-2176!

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Bulging And Herniated Disc Testimonials

“Michelle has been the Neuromuscular trained therapist I personally go to for over 15 years. I have referred many patients to her over the years because she consistently provides specific therapy for the pain caused by herniated and bulging discs.” Juanita Brown, DO, P.A.

Disc Pain No One Could Help
“I have been suffering with back pain for 20 years, but about one year ago it changed. I was on a trip to Africa, when I started having intense pain in my neck and shoulder. Nothing helped. I had 2 massages and sought out a chiropractor while on vacation. When I returned home I saw an orthopedist who administered shots, and a spine specialist who ordered an MRI and physical therapy. I also saw a chiropractor who said he didn’t want to treat me anymore since it was a severe disc problem. He was afraid of nerve damage.
The pain was so bad that I drove to the ER where they treated me for what they believed must be a heart attack! Fortunately this was not the case. I resigned myself to Ibuprofen and Tramadol, 4-5 times a day.
I found Michelle on Facebook. Her articles kept popping up on my home page, as I was “friends” with her sister. I decided to call figuring it couldn’t hurt, and would be better than surgery!  She has been treating me for about 1 month and I am no longer taking pain medication as my pain is completely gone. She does specific deep tissue work for spinal problems. This lady knows exactly what she is doing, and can explain it to you as well as give you tips on what you can do at home. I encourage anyone, especially those considering surgery, to try this treatment first.” Pam Bishop

“Back in July 2013, I started having numbness in my feet. First it was mainly at night and it progressively deteriorated. Since it was not going away, I finally decided to go to see a medical professional who sent me to another one. An MRI was prescribed in November and I found out that I had a budging disc touching a nerve. I was then referred to a medical practitioner for surgery. That next week, the sporadic burning sensations I would experience in my leg increased to a new level. My flesh felt like it was slowly burning from the inside. I was very distressed and in pain. On my lunch break, I called my vitamin store to renew my supply of supplements. I told my counselor that I needed something for inflammation because I had a pinched nerve in my back. I was not expecting what followed…He told me he knew someone that could help me. He had sent customers to her and heard great reports. He knew people scheduled for surgery that were able to cancel it. That’s all I needed to hear…I went on the website and called Michelle. After the first session, the burning sensation disappeared. After the 6th session, the numbness in my feet is gone! Michelle was God sent and I highly recommend her services.” Christine Maunat

“Most of the patients that we have sent Michelle have been associated with musculoskeletal and nerve pain, primarily of the spinal cord and neck region. We have had excellent results with her Neuromuscular Therapy.” Roger Y. Murray, M.D.

“I began experiencing pain in my right hip and groin area, followed by ever increasing numbness in my right thigh. After visiting my primary care physician, I was referred to one of Orlando’s prominent orthopedic clinics. After a couple office visits there, x-rays, MRI, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs, my condition did not improve very much. Fortunately, when mentioning this to a friend who I found had a similar problem in the past, he recommended Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. After a consultation with Michelle, and her review of my history on this matter, including radiology reports, Michelle suggested my problem might be a bulging disc, not a hip, groin, leg, or other area problem after all. The pain from those areas was originating at the source of the problem, a bulging disc, pinching my sciatic nerve. During a few weeks of soft tissue treatment by Michelle, my pain subsided and eventually was eliminated. Michelle also guided me in establishing some continuing self help treatment, that has prevented my sciatica from returning. I highly recommend Michelle Hamel to anyone with back problems, and/or herniated, bulging, or sciatic nerve problems.” Wally Temple

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