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Achilles Non-Surgical Tendon Treatment Orlando

Achilles Tendon Treatment Orlando – Medical Massage Myofascial Ankle Therapy 

You must be frustrated with constant ankle pain. An Achilles tendinitis injury is no fun! You want to quickly get back into your exercise program and life without this debilitating soft tissue injury. Continue reading below and discover the answer for your chronic Achilles tendon problem!

Short Achilles Tendon? – Kick The Heavy Boot!

Achilles Ankle Treatment OrlandoMany of my clients had been placed in an ankle boot and visited me for treatment because this therapy did not repair their damaged Achilles.

In fact continuous heel bracing may reinforce the overly shortened soft tissue and scar tissue formation.

My clients were very eager to kick the boot and resolve their Achilles ankle injury and they have! Finding the correct treatment for your ankle pain has become a top priority.

Creating correct soft tissue balance above, around and within the Achilles tendon and where this tendon inserts into the bone is very important. Removing the scar tissue associated with Achilles tendon injury is also required for healing.

This balance is often neglected resulting in chronic inflammation. In order to correct the inflammation I lengthen all of the muscles, ligaments and surrounding connective tissue (fascia) located above and around your heel bone (the calcaneous). I treat the Achilles tendon at its insertion. Within our life we shorten the soleus, plantaris, gastrocnemius muscles, Achilles tendon and surrounding fascial tissue. 

This happens with repetitive motion, sports, shoe choices and at times health conditions which do not allow our soft tissue to heal promptly. My therapeutic massage involves very specific and focused work to assist with your quick recovery.

Lengthening and Breaking up Scar Tissue

While lengthening your calf muscles, Achilles tendon and all of the connective tissue around the heel, I am also gently breaking up any existing scar tissue formed from repeated microtrauma.

This is important because scar tissue impedes blood flow and flexibility. Tendons are also known to have less blood supply and require the correct soft tissue treatment to stimulate circulation for prompt recovery. If left to heal on it’s own your Achilles tendinitis can become a chronic or acute condition.

A tight Achilles tendon and calf may also be part of the problem leading to Plantar Fasciitis. I help you recover from both in record time.

I am Michelle Hamel LMT-NMT, a Certified Neuromuscular and Myofascial pain relief specialist.

I have the solution for your Achilles injury. Within 1-5 treatments my medical Orlando massage therapy will enable your full recovery. My clients thankfully go about their day-to-day routines experiencing total relief from this constant aching Achilles problem. See the testimonials below

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Your treatments may include infrared light therapy and therapeutic essential oils which assist with lowering inflammation and healthy cell regeneration.

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“This therapist is full of surprises. She has a good clinical eye. She recognized my subclinical sternocleidomastoid tightness. (neck muscle). She surprisingly improved my Achilles tendonitis of 3 months. Immediately after the 1st treatment I could walk and put my weight down on my foot for the first time.”
John Salud M.D. ~

“I had used Michelle in the past for my shoulder and neck injuries so when my husband was complaining of his Achilles tendon hurting and was limping I suggested he call Michelle for an appointment. My husband, Jim, was trying to work it out on his own so it took him awhile before he consented to go see Michelle. Jim went to Michelle for an hour appointment and was amazed at how quickly the pain was gone and how much easier it was to walk after just one treatment. Jim & I are forever indebted and grateful to Michelle and her healing abilities.”
Jim  and  Ada Galbavy ~

“After years of only light to moderate exercise, I ramped up my exercise program, which along with all its benefits also led to an Achilles heel injury. My primary physician referred me to an orthopedic specialist, who after x-rays confirmed the preliminary diagnosis of Achilles tendonitis and then sent me to a series of physical therapy treatments. This PT only gave me modest and intermittent relief. They even had me wear a boot for weeks while I slept. Seeing my frustration, my husband, who had previously been very pleased  with his back treatment by Michelle Hamel, suggested that I allow Michelle to treat my Achilles heel inflammation and continual soreness. After just a few treatments at Thmy heel began to feel much better, and the pain completely subsided. I was able to gradually return to my normal activities, and eventually even back to a regular exercise routine.”
Marsha Temple ~

I was inspired to create a powerful blend of myofascial and neuromuscular massage therapy. This approach has helped thousands of my clients resolve the pain of :

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