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Therapeutic-Medical Massage Altamonte SpringsThe Neuromuscular Pain Relief Clinic specializes in reversing back, neck, disc. injured nerves and joint injuries.


I am Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT, a soft tissue pain relief specialist, a greater Orlando therapeutic-medical massage therapist.

My focus is to remove your pain quickly and once well show you how to remain pain free. You will have significant and at times total pain relief from disc, nerve and joint pain within 2-5 visits. My clients are very happy to be leading pain free lives. Call for your appointment today.

My medical massage system is proven to end your referred or local Neuromuscular imbalance. Here are a few conditions I specialize in:

Herniated or bulging disc 
Nerve entrapment – compression
Joint problems   

Within 2 to 5 treatments, my clients go about their pain free lives. You will know you have chosen the correct treatment after your first visit.


35 Year Old Josh Felt Over The Hill With Disc Pain
Today His Herniated Disc Is Totally Resolved!

“When I came to Michelle at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center I was extremely frustrated and in constant pain. I had been dealing with back pain for the last few years with the last two years being quite awful.

I am only 35 and was no longer able to do the activities or play the sports I enjoyed. I had tried everything for my degenerative – herniated disk: chiropractic, massage, epidurals, medicine, trigger point/anti inflammatory shots, physical therapy, strength training, you name it.

It wasn’t quite bad enough for surgery so I was stuck with my back going out every couple of months and in severe pain. Not too long ago I stumbled upon Michelle’s work and she told me if I followed her program I would have my life back in a matter of weeks. I was skeptical at first but desperate.

It only took a week or two to start feeling better and in about six weeks my pain was completely gone! Long story short, I haven’t felt as good as I do in years. Now I recommend her to anyone that will listen. She’s a miracle worker and so do yourself a favor and let her fix your back pain!”
Josh Weaver

“I have seen Michelle twice and the nerve pain in my neck is already healed. I called her in a panic days before traveling out of the country. I was having intense neck pain for 7 weeks that felt like it was worsening daily. The pain radiated down my arm into my hand. I had already been to my primary doctor twice, I had been put on oral medications including a steroid and muscle relaxer, on my second visit to my doctor still complaining of no relief I was given multiple cortisone shots in my neck and told if it was not relieved I would likely need surgery. Surgery! I did not want to hear that. I have had neck pain on and off for many years. I have had the above treatments multiple times…..The interesting thing I found after my first appointment with Michelle was that over a period of several days I felt progressively better. Instead of the normal reoccurrence of tightening I was used to I found my neck actually becoming less painful and more mobile. This is so different then a treatment that feels good only until it’s over. With Michelle’s treatment my neck is healed!
~ Sarene Wallick

“You did an amazing job for Brad. He can’t believe after just one session how he can stand tall and not feel pain. Your nutritional inspiration will also transform his habits to a better lifestyle.  He will definitely see you again and I’m so glad I found you. What a blessing,  I referred my friend, Tiffani, to you today.  Her husband, Frederick, had a terrible accident a while ago and is in constant pain on a daily basis. I am confident that you can help him too.”
~ Shirley A. Swan

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