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Coriander Essential Oil Organic Chelator And Insulin Regulator

Coriander Oil Nature’s Natural Organic Chelator Removes Heavy Metals While Providing Additional Health Benefits

Coriander organic chelator

While people around the world love the spice Coriander (Cilantro, Coriandrum sativum) as a flavorful addition to their meals, the benefits provided by this powerful herb in essential oil form are profound.

Therapeutic grade Coriander essential oil is an organic chelator of toxic metals and provides important anti-microbial effects. This wonderful essential oil is also known to lower blood glucose levels by stimulation of insulin secretion.

Coriander’s insulin stimulating affect is demonstrated within this research study:

“Incorporation of C. sativum into the diet (62.5 g/kg) and drinking water (2.5 g/L) reduced hyperglycemia in STZ-diabetic mice. Moreover, in acute 20 min tests, 0.25-10 mg/mL aqueous extract of C. sativum caused 1.3–5.7-fold stimulation of insulin secretion from a clonal β-cell line. This effect of the aqueous extract of coriander was found to be equivalent to 10−8 M insulin; strongly indicating insulin-releasing and insulin-like activities of C. sativum

It’s equally important to realize Coriander essential oil is clinically proven to remove or chelate heavy metals from our body

For instance, Coriander extract removes toxic metal such as lead accumulation:

Coriander extract also gained attention as it enhanced mercury excretion following dental amalgam removal:

The two articles mentioned below demonstrate this significant health affect.

Coriander extract removes toxic metals known to provide shelter for anti-biotic resistant microbes:

Coriander extract is clinically proven to kill bacteria and fungus:

Antibacterial study:

Antifungal study:

In summary, high blood glucose levels, unwanted microbes and toxic metal overload are linked to health challenges such as cancer, heart disease, brain deterioration, emotional problems, kidney disease, pancreatic dysfunction, lung disease, and bone deterioration.

This knowledge makes therapeutic grade Coriander oil an important essential oil for daily use. Several drops of therapeutic grade Coriander oil placed under our tongue or within a veggie capsule as an oral supplement, two to three times daily, provides many powerful benefits for healthy longevity!

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