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Release the grinding intra-joint tension. The soft tissue work I use lengthens the specific muscles, tendons and ligaments within and around your inflamed joints – It is critically important that this work is very focused and detailed.  You need a therapist who has the clinical experience and knowledge to help you recover fast.

I am Michelle Hamel NMT, a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist a soft tissue pain relief specialist. I have designed soft tissue protocols which are extremely effective in helping golfers with disc, joint, and nerve related problems.  Keep reading below for details. 

 Have You Tried Other Treatments Without Results?

Are Joint and Disc Pain Causing Your Game to be Subpar?

Golf is a great sport, particularly in Florida where there are so many opportunities to play. You love this sport and play it often.  However, this repetitive motion causes your tendons, ligaments, and muscles to tighten.  This can disrupt the neuromuscular balance of your game. 

Typical Injuries Associated with Golf and Links to Specific Treatment Protocols

 Herniated-Bulging Disc  (Meaning-posterior movement of disc by tight muscles, tendons)
– Orlando Non-Surgical Disc Relief  (Treatment for posterior disc movement) – Sciatica    (Meaning – nerve irritation caused by tight muscles, tendons, discs)                     Golfers Elbow Tendonitis   (Meaning – tight tendons and muscles)                                                Carpal tunnel   (Meaning – tight tendons, ligament and muscles)
 Rotator cuff injury   (Meaning – tight ligaments, tendons, and muscles)
Neck Pain-Brachial Plexus-Thoracic Outlet (Meaning – nerve irritation, tight muscles)

The Secret and Sequence for Joint Recovery

First we need to release the Intra-joint tension (tightness within the joint)   You need a therapist who specializes in resolving joint pain.  Small joint compartments need experienced and precise work to lengthen the tendons and ligaments involved.  

When you are experiencing chronic or acute pain my detailed joint work should occur before you begin a stretching program.  When the proper joint space is created and the tension is corrected within the joint, the effected nerves and muscles are ready for the next step. At this point, I will share very effective sport specific stretches to maintain this balance.  

This sequence creates the proper healing environment. These common injuries are easily resolved with my Orlando Therapeutic-Medical Massage detailed and specific protocols which lengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments involved. The intra-joint tension is quickly treated with my work preventing the need for prescriptions, injections or surgery.

Break the Cycle of Contracted Muscles, Posterior Disc Movement and Neuralgia

Many times your back or neck pain may involve a disc irritating a nerve. This is caused by shortened soft tissue.  Tight muscles, tendons and ligaments may cause posterior disc movement (discs moving backwards towards the nerves). When your disc moves out of proper alignment it can irritate a nerve causing neuralgia (referred and local nerve pain) 

The nerve then becomes overly stimulated and inflamed.  The over stimulated nerve causes further muscle contraction.  You need to break this cycle of neuromuscular pain.  If a disc can move posterior, with my specific soft tissue work and a timely stretching routine it can migrate anterior (discs moving forward away from the nerve).

At this point, I’ll share some of my proprietary home stretching care routines which enable you to remain free of back, neck, nerve, and joint pain.

Testimonials from Very Happy Clients

“Michelle at The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center has proven soft tissue work which alleviates disc and nerve related pain in short order. She resolved my 20 year issue with lower back pain within several visits. I had seen several practitioners, and had tried spinal decompression, pain meds, and anti-inflammatories with little success. My symptoms were local low back pain and referred sciatic pain to my hip. Now, with Michelle’s work I am back to playing golf 2-3 times a week.” Regards – Dr. LaRue Collins

“Having suffered from severe back pain for years, I had accepted that this was the price to pay for too many years of athletics.  I tried many therapies and treatments, but never achieved relief for more that a few months at a time. I heard about Michelle and after only two appointments with her, I am pleased to say that I have been pain free.  Thanks to Michelle, I am now able to enjoy the sport I love, golf.”- Duke Marsh

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