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Earache Treatment Orlando

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Advanced Therapeutic Massage

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Have you ever had a headache or an earache that you can’t get rid of?  Have you tried everything but you still are experiencing constant ear, neck and head pain?  Have your doctors  said that there was nothing they could see or treat?

If so, you may have a soft tissue problem that is referring to these areas.  Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT can easily remedy your problem.  She has worked with a lot of people experiencing this perplexing issue. She helpes them to find the answer and quickly recover from their pain.

It takes very focused and specific soft tissue work around the ears, the base of your head and the sides of your neck.  You will receive advanced therapeutic massage and find lasting relief.

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Within one to five treatments you will be free of the radiating pain around these areas.  You can relax and go about your life painfree.  Michelle is a soft tissue pain specialist.

TESTIMONIAL:    “My name is Lee Smith I wanted to express my pleasure with the successful treatments I’ve had over the last few weeks with Michelle Hamel. For several months prior, I had been having an earache, neck pain, headaches in the back of my head, light-headedness and sometimes pulsating pains in the middle of my right ear   Since the second visit, I have been virtually pain-free, no earaches,  neck pain, or headaches.”

Call  407-628-2176  The Pain Relief – Healing Hotline

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