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Headache and Earache Pain Relief Treatment In Orlando

headache and earache pain treatmentHelp For Headache and Earache Pain – Soft Tissue Pain Specialist

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Are you experienceing any of the following:

  • Do you believe you may have an ear infection, but your ENT says nothing is wrong
  • Dizziness, light headedness,
  • Chronic neck and upper back pain
  • Headaches
  • A clear MRI, showing nothing requires treatment
  • A clear brain Cat Scan, showing nothing requires treatment

If so, you may have Soft Tissue Imbalance.  I can quickly and successfully remedy this condition.

One of your main problems could be the posterior section of the SCM or sternocleidomastoid muscle.  This muscle attaches to the mastoid process behind your ear. The referred pain from this muscle shoots to the inner ear, around the eye, plus the top and back of your head.   Additionally, the suboccipitals (muscles at the base of your skull) and the anterior cervical muscles may also refer pain to your ear, head and neck.  Very often, your ENT or Internal Medicine doctor may not be able to give you a cause for the painful earaches and headaches you are experiencing.

I will treat you with my unique therapeutic massage,  which lengthens the SCM and every muscle in the front, sides and back of your neck.  My work is very focused and precise. I am a soft tissue pain specialist.

Your headaches, earache and neck pain can stop within a few specific treatments.  Call me today for a free phone consultation.  You have found the relief you have been searching for. Please read the testimonial below.  This could be you. 

“My name is Lee Smith. I wanted to express my pleasure with the successful treatments I’ve had over the last few weeks with Michelle. For several months prior, I had been having an earache, neck pain, headaches in the back of my head, light-headedness and sometimes pulsating pains in the middle of my right ear. This pain had become a problem almost every day without relief.  I had been to an Internal medicine doctor who recommended an MRI of the Inner ear canal and of the brain. Instead I went to a chiropractor who referred me out for an MRI of the cervical spine (the neck area).  The result of the MRI showed a bulging disc in my neck and a stretched ligament.  She  helped  the nerve and disc in my neck to heal with her special soft tissue work.

Michelle  helped heal the nerve and disc in my neck with her special soft tissue work.  Since the second visit, I have been virtually pain-free, no earaches,  neck pain, or headaches. Michelle explained that the pain and light-headedness referring into my ear was caused by a muscle called  sternocleidomastoid or SCM – (don’t remember how to pronounce it).  In addition to the therapy, she coaches during the sessions on proper diet and exercise for better overall health.

I would highly recommend you visit Michelle if you are having any kind of pain, especially neck or back pain.”

Call  407-628-2176  The Pain Relief – Healing Hotline

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