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Hip Pain Non-Surgical Treatment Orlando

Hip Pain Non-Surgical Treatment
Pinched Or Compressed Sciatic Nerve
Referred Hip Pain


Hip Pain Orlando

If you are told you need hip surgery for chronic degenerative hip, hip arthritis, or hip bursitis try this non-invasive soft tissue treatment first.

You’ll know in one visit that you are receiving the correct non-surgical hip treatment for referred hip pain.

I have many clients that travel to my clinic from all parts of Florida and even from other states to recover from neck, back and hip injuries. Continue reading to learn more…

If you believe your hip joint problem is due to the degenerative conditions mentioned above, consider this; many people have a little arthritis or bone degeneration without experiencing hip pain.

How Does This Occur?

The pain you are experiencing may not be a problem with your hip joint, it may be a pinched or compressed sciatic nerve. While your hip hurts, the problem many times originates elsewhere.

Your injury may be caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve referring to your hip. If so, I have the solution. You need my proprietary soft tissue work to quickly recover. This is very advanced therapy. Continue reading to gain understanding…

Before having an invasive procedure, long term physical therapy, or nerve blocks that may not address the cause of your hip pain, consider my advanced medical Orlando Neuromuscular/Myofascial hip pain treatment.

My name is Michelle Hamel. I am a highly skilled clinical NMT-LMT. I am a soft tissue pain relief specialist. Through years of practice I have helped countless people recover from hip, and spinal nerve injuries. Now let’s begin with the sciatic nerve causing referred hip pain…

Referred Hip Pain

The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in out body. It starts in the lower back at lumbar segment 2 (L2 L3). This nerve travels from your lower spine through your hip area, the back of each leg, and to your feet.

Pressure or pinching of the Sciatic nerve as it exits your spinal canal, is known to cause pain along the sciatic pathway. This nerve pathway includes your hip. Learn more here: specialties/sciatic-nerve-pain-relief/.

Let’s explore a few soft tissue conditions which cause referred hip pain and conditions which may not be causing your problem.

A Bulging Or Herniated Disc Imbalance

You may have posterior disc movement, known as a bulging or herniated disc; compressing the Sciatic nerve in your lower back.  The pressure on the sciatic nerve from a disc often refers pain to your hip. I specialize in prompt effective treatment for disc injuries.

Thousands of my clients with these chronic disc conditions are now happily pain free. They became pain free within 2-5 visits!

Click here for additional information.

Now let’s discuss the Piriformis muscle which may also be pinching your sciatic nerve causing referred hip pain.

Piriformis Syndrome, Hip Bursitis, Degenerative Hip Disease

Specific soft tissue which has shortened (including the Piriformis but not limited to this muscle), can also cause sciatic nerve irritation referring to your hip joint.

My proprietary soft tissue work resolves this pinched nerve problem as it effectively allows the sciatic nerve room to heal.

Additional pinpointed lengthening of all soft the tissue surrounding your entire hip joint capsule releases pressure on an inflamed bursa. Once this grinding pressure is eliminated, you’re bursa pain is resolved.

Again, you may have been told that you have a hip joint problem due to degenerative dip disease or arthritis.

Remember, many people have a little arthritis or bone degeneration without experiencing hip pain. Your hip injury may simply be referred pain from the sciatic nerve!

It’s important to realize that after I release the sciatic nerve and create proper soft tissue lengthening within and around your entire hip joint, this pinpointed treatment slows down and at times reverses the degenerative hip process.

My clinical soft tissue treatment removes pressure from the bursa, cartilage, bones, and nerve. When you receive my treatment you resolve the relentless pressure on your hip joint.

Therefore you will no longer suffer with joint compression causing hip degeneration and pain.

This specific, clinical soft tissue therapy I offer makes it possible for my clients previously suffering from hip pain to avoid hip surgery, nerve blocks and pain medications.

My grateful clients are extremely happy they found my proprietary Neuromuscular/Myofascial soft tissue treatment. They found specific treatment that addressed the true cause of their hip pain.

You owe it to yourself to try this non-surgical approach first. Within one visit you’ll know you have been led to the correct treatment. You have nothing to lose but your chronic hip pain.

Call the office and make your appointment today (407) 6282176. Receive a few of my advanced soft tissue treatments, free yourself of hip pain and enjoy your daily routines!


“I began experiencing pain in my right hip and groin area, followed by ever increasing numbness in my right thigh. After visiting my primary care physician, I was referred to one of Orlando’s prominent orthopedic clinics. After a couple office visits there, x-rays, MRI, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs, my condition did not improve very much. Fortunately, when mentioning this to a friend who I found had a similar problem in the past, he recommended Michelle Hamel at The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. After a consultation with Michelle, and her review of my history on this matter, including radiology reports, Michelle suggested my problem might be a bulging disc, not a hip, groin, leg, or other area problem after all. The pain from those areas was originating at the source of the problem, a bulging disc pinching my sciatic nerve. During a few weeks of soft tissue treatment by Michelle, my pain subsided and was eliminated. Michelle also guided me in establishing some continuing self help treatment. Her work has prevented the sciatica from returning. I highly recommend Michelle Hamel to anyone with back problems, and/or herniated, bulging disc, / sciatic nerve problems.”

~ Wally Temple

“Thank you, again, for a great session last night.
I am training for my next half marathon, but the previously manageable pain in my hip and knee quickly became debilitating.
I had seen a local orthopedic doctor who told me that I was getting older and needed to stop running because of my damage to my hip. That’s not going to happen! I was reluctant to see another doctor and had heard some terrible things that can result from cortisone shots. I don’t want temporary relief, I want “healing.” A friend recommended Michelle and after just two sessions, I am back to running pain free! You showed me that my hip pain was coming from my lower back.”

~Angela Duplis

“In October 2007, I was referred to Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center by my family physician, Dr. Christopher Conavay, after I was injured in an automobile accident. I was experiencing pain in my hip, neck, and lower back, making it difficult to function on a daily basis. After receiving therapy to my back and neck and cold light therapy on my knee, I have experienced full relief of my injuries including my hip, and have resumed my regular activities. Thank you, Michelle!”

~ P. Rowely

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