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Lyme Disease Treatment Orlando An Alternative Approach

Holistic Lyme Disease Treatment Orlando
Using A Proven Comprehensive Wellness

Orlando Lyme Disease Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
In Today’s World Countless People Are Suffering With Lyme Disease

Years ago, I also suffered with the virulent bacteria B. burgdorferi and the health imbalance known as Lyme Disease: CDC’s Lyme Disease Description. The alternative Lyme Disease information you are about to read dramatically changed the course of my life.

Today I am totally free of Lyme Disease imbalance. The advanced Lyme Disease recovery information I share will also change your life or someone you know.

Call me to learn about my holistic Lyme Disease recovery program, (407) 628-2176. Experience a major improvement in your health within one week. Expect to totally recovery from Lyme Disease symptoms within a few months time.

Within my Orlando Wellness Practice, I have helped many with Lyme Disease and other chronic health challenges recover their pain free lives. Believe me when I say it takes knowledge, determination, consistency and a comprehensive Wellness Plan to recover from chronic health challenges including Lyme Disease.

Through years of advanced training, traveling and research, I successfully combine several powerful, holistic methods for resolution of Lyme Disease symptoms. I teach others how to regain and maintain their pain free, healthy lives:

Resistant Lyme Disease ~ No Longer Resistant

When you understand that plaque also known as biofilm formation encasing Lyme bacteria is the main cause of resistant Lyme disease and you follow my combination of wellness strategies in a specific fashion you no longer have to worry about resistant Lyme bacteria: plaques known as biofilm cause Lyme bacteria resistance.

What You Understand You Can Conquer!

By using my Wellness Coaching System you powerfully support immune system function, dissolve resistant Lyme biofilm/plaque, and you experience normal inflammatory levels!

Understand that Lyme Disease symptoms are often caused by an immune system imbalance:  A full and lasting recovery requires a synergistic wellness plan. Call me to learn more…

Plaque formation also known as biofilm, provides shelter for Lyme bacteria and other chronic disease causing microbes to hide from both our immune system and often traditional drug treatments. Learn more here:

Decide to recover from the debilitating health imbalance known as Lyme Disease. You can do it, when you have the correct protocols. Call for your complete Wellness Consultation today
(407) 628-2176!

My Recovery From Lyme Disease

“Sixteen years ago I suffered from Lyme Disease and found I had the highest blood titer possible. Each night I tossed and turned in my bed as I continuously moaned in pain. I was near death’s door.
Antibiotics and steroids were not helping my health imbalance at all. In fact they increased my ill health by contributing to a condition I developed known as “leaky gut”. Having a permeable gut lining further weakened my immune system. In time my other organs of elimination were also negatively affected.
Since I do not make a good victim, I researched relentlessly and traveled to find a solution for my suffering. During this time I delved deeply into the world of alternative health…
I began to use SEVERAL extremely important health strategies necessary for complete Lyme imbalance recovery. Using my synergistic health plan I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy high energy as my immune system, organs, bones and brain have been cleansed, strengthened and renewed. Today I am totally free of Lyme Disease imbalance.”

Call me today to learn more about my advanced wellness strategies. Regaining your healthy balance is one phone call away (407) 6282176!

The “Hamel Method” offers the synergistic approach to wellness you require. It utilizes a very specific dietary plan, unique alkalizing protocols, specific cellular detoxification methods, the knowledge of which therapeutic grade essential oils to purchase as oral supplements, and when and how to use them correctly.

Your initial Wellness Consultation will take over 2 hours, as there is much to learn to obtain lasting freedom from Lyme Disease!

A Daily Health Plan Is A Necessary Tool For Lyme Disease Recovery

Having a Certified Wellness Consultant to guide you every step of the way is critically important as there is much to learn. Throughout the years I studied directly with many world renowned health practitioners, stood on their shoulders and created The Six Portals To Healthy Longevity.

An athlete would not consider preparing for an important competition without the support of their coach. Allow me to be your Wellness Consultant and regain vibrant health within a few months time.

I created a Lyme Disease recovery plan and ran with it, totally recovering from Lyme Disease symptoms. Today, I am a certified Wellness Consultant with the PH Miracle Center and Clinical Aromatherapist. Within my health practice I enjoy helping others regain their balanced, pain free lives.

Call me today to for your free 20 minute consult (407) 6282176. Recover from life challenging Lyme Disease symptoms and enjoy your former pain free life!

Listen to a short audio presentation below which briefly outlines my wellness protocols

Your Friend In Health,

Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT
With ~
Certified Wellness Consultant And Aromatherapist

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