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Therapeutic Massage Winter Park Back-Neck Pain Relief

Therapeutic Massage Winter Park Resolve Your Back – Neck – Disc Pain

If you are suffering from severe neck or back pain due to bulging and herniated discs or pinched nerves screaming for relief, you have found the solution to your pain.  As a result of my therapeutic Winter Park massage work, many happy clients have avoided surgery, nerve blocks, and pain medication.  

I am a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and owner of The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Clinic. Here are a few of the conditions I specialize in and articles attatched to the links provided:

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Disc Pain Relief  Winter Park

I specialize in a therapeutic -medical massage method which eliminates pain and inflammation associated with herniated and bulging disc. If you have tried other modalities with little or no relief, try this soft tissue approach. You will be very pleased with your immediate results.

My focus is to have you well within one to five treatments. Once well, I then show you how to remain well.

What Causes Disc and Nerve Pain?

Repetitive motion, accidents, in fact most of our normal daily activities can lead to back pain.  We are constantly leaning forward, and this constant bending is a large part of the problem. It shortens the soft tissue in the front of our body, which greatly effects discs and nerves.  At this point you need soft tissue intervention a non-surgical option.

Think of a Jelly Doughnut

Between vertebrae your disc can migrate towards the spinal column and place pressure on a branch of a spinal nerve.  The sciatic nerve can cause sciatica, which is a common nerve complaint.

Here’s a great analogy to understand how this imbalance occurs.  Imagine, for a moment a jelly doughnut.   Now bend the doughnut forward and see the jelly comes out the back. This is similar to what happens with the discs between our vertebrae.

Once the disc moves posterior it can  place pressure against the nerve,  and then we feel tenderness or neuralgia. The hyper stimulated nerve can overly contract the muscles. This can occur in the upper, middle or lower back.

Just about everything we do in life causes us to bend forward somewhere along the spine. This causes what is known as posterior disc movement causing nerve and muscle pain.

What Can You Do About It?

My advanced soft tissue protocols will effectively restore the balance in your muscles, tendons, ligaments,  and nerves.   Your nerve can heal as it will not have the pressure from the disc. Muscles are part of the lever system which moves the joints.  Muscles move the spine. If a disc can move posteriorly, it can also move anteriorly (forward) with the correct therapy.

With my specific therapeutic-medical massage and a home stretching program, your body can repair quickly. With the correct work it takes about three to five weeks for a nerve to heal.  You will experience quick results. Within your first treatment you will know you are on the road to recovery.

My therapeutic massage is the answer to your injury.  This alternative and holistic treatment will restore your natural structural balance and end the cycle of pain.  Essential oils and light therapy may be included within your treatment to aid in accelerated treatment.

Testimonial from Philip Kaise

“I am a tree trimmer, and I overwork my back on a daily basis, climbing, pulling, lifting and running a heavy chainsaw. I experienced a serious lumbar disc injury in January of 2012 which caused me excruciating pain and left me basically unable to function and work. I spent 4 months visiting various health practitioners with little positive results. An ad in the paper caught my eye and I decided to try Michelle Hamel’s Neuromuscular disc therapy. Her office was 3 1/2 hours from where I live. After the first visit I felt a big difference in my pain level. After 5 visits my pain was gone. I was able to function and return to work. I am very thankful to have my life back again!”      ~  Philip Kaise-Highsprings Fl.

Testimonial from Chuck Wagoner

“When I went to Michelle, I had driven across the country from California and had a great deal of compression in my back.  I had been feeling back pain for over 1 1/2 years and had gotten massages and nothing else seemed to work aside from temporary relief.  Michelle had me fixed in one visit.  I then returned to Michelle with a pinched nerve that was very painful.  This was a little more of an effort than one visit.  She managed to incorporate healing from essential oils into the treatments and helped me recover from a very serious injury. I would recommend Michelle to anyone.  Having worked with many healers and having a good amount of body work done, I see her skill as being top notch and a rare find.  Your body will thank you.”  ~ Chuck Wagoner

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