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Root Canal Dangers Orlando

  Root Canal Dangers Dental Time Bombs
A New Dental Paradigm-Using Essential Oils

Root Canals And Essential Oils OrlandoRoot-canaled teeth are essentially toxic teeth that are known to silently incubate very toxic anaerobic bacteria. These unwanted bacteria can make their way into our bloodstream and may cause a number of serious health conditions.

Why Does This Occur?

Did you know that within our teeth there are countless little tubes known as tubules that our dentists are unable to irrigate and disinfect at the time of our root canal?

When the root canal filler known as Gutta Percha shrinks, like putty in a window sill, toxic anaerobic microbes hidden within the tubules can travel from the root of the affected tooth into our blood stream. This can be very dangerous for our health.

Did you also know that root canals may be time bombs, because of this resultant bacterial/microbial invasion?

“When extraction followed 150-day exposure to the oral flora, there was a statistically significant difference in the bacterial invasion rate between the vital and nonvital teeth. It was postulated that vital teeth were much more resistant to bacterial invasion into the dentinal tubules than were nonvital teeth, thereby suggesting that the vital pulp plays some important role in this process.”
To read the entire study click this link:

A New Dental Paradigm

Within a clinical study, dentists successfully used therapeutic essential oils to disinfect root canals. “The irrigation regimen based on the use of natural sources example essential oils seems to be a promising endodontic tool because it promoted the elimination of root canal (microbes) S. aureus throughout the experimental period and there is positive correlation between antibacterial and antioxidant activity of tested essential oils”. To read the entire study click this link:

If dentists used therapeutic essential oils to disinfect root-canaled teeth in place of antibiotics, a root canal may be less likely to create harm. Disease causing microbes do not build resistance to therapeutic grade essential oils as they do to antibiotics.

“About 80% of human infections affecting the gastrointestinal, genitourinary and respiratory systems, oral mucosa and teeth, eyes, middle ear and skin are caused by biofilm-associated microorganisms. Therefore, the search for modern strategies is even more important as microbial biofilms resistant to conventional antibiotics, antiseptics and disinfectants are involved in the frequent treatment failures of some chronic inflammatory diseases and wounds. Natural products containing secondary metabolites, such as aromatic compounds, sulphurated derivatives, terpenoids (essential oils)…” Click this link to read the entire study:

I myself have had several root canals. With the use of specific dental, and sinus protocols using therapeutic grade essential oils, I live with existing root canals and remain healthy.

Using These Protocols You Can Be Healthier Too

If you have root canals and would like to learn my holistic dental protocols for oral health support, I am available to coach you today. Call me at the office to learn more.
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