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Infection-Biofilm Treatment Essential Oils Orlando

  Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT Medical Massage Therapy Certified Wellness Consultant And Clinical Aromatherpaist At The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center Orlando   In my studies part of the problem with all acute or chronic infections is the formation of biofilm (a … Continue reading

Swallowing Problem Orlando

Swallowing Problem Alternative Treatment

Sw  Achalasia ~ Dysphagia Swallowing Problems ~ Auto Immune Imbalance Alternative Dysphagia Treatment   Are you feeling as though there is tightness in your throat, or difficulty swallowing, as though there is a blockage in your throat or esophagus? Today there is … Continue reading

Orlando Life Extension TA-65 Herb Rejuvenates Telomeres

Life Extension Orlando Telomeres Lengthen With TA-65 I went to Barnes and Nobles and looked through Suzanne Somers book Bombshell where she writes about the powerful herbal extract TA-65.  This book is a must read!  I had the pleasure of … Continue reading