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Swallowing Problem Orlando

Swallowing Problem Alternative Treatment

Sw  Achalasia ~ Dysphagia Swallowing Problems ~ Auto Immune Imbalance Alternative Dysphagia Treatment   Are you feeling as though there is tightness in your throat, or difficulty swallowing, as though there is a blockage in your throat or esophagus? Today there is … Continue reading

Rotator Cuff Non-Surgical Treatment Orlando

Shoulder Injury Treatment Rotator Cuff Orlando Medical Massage

Non-Surgical Shoulder Injury Treatment For Rotator Cuff Pain Shoulder Tendonitis – Joint Compression – Bicep Tendonitis Bursitis – Shoulder Impingement – Frozen Shoulder   My proprietary, non-surgical shoulder treatment, resolves even the most chronic and acute shoulder injuries. As a … Continue reading