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Proprietary Blend Of Neuromuscular And Myofascial Release

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The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center specializes in specific soft tissue therapy for all soft tissue injuries. This is highly therapeutic, clinical Orlando Massage Therapy.

My innovative medical massage treatments for herniated or bulging discs, sciatic pain, chronic or acute shoulder and elbow injuries, carpal tunnel, low back pain, entrapped nerves, and acute back spasm pain are immediately effective. They offer an alternative, non-surgical solution for your painful soft tissue injury!

Chronic neck pain known often as brachial plexus nerve entrapment (pinched nerve bundle in the neck) and chronic joint injuries are resolved within one to five visits with the unique soft tissue intervention I provide.

If you are experiencing chronic or acute soft tissue injuries the proprietary medical massage treatments I provide offer rapid recovery. The treatments listed below are an example of the conditions I resolve:

Herniated – Bulging Disc Treatment Orlando Non Surgical Treatment

Orlando Neck Pain – Brachial Plexus Nerve Entrapment

Rotator Cuff Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Shoulder Impingement Specialist Orlando

Tennis Elbow Or Gulfer’s Elbow Injuries Elbow Tendonitis Treatment Orlando

Comprehensive Carpal Tunnel Treatment Orlando

Sciatica Treatment Orlando Sciatic Nerve Release Therapy 

Pinched Nerve Treatment Orlando – Entrapped Nerve – Compressed Nerve

My name is Michelle Hamel NMT – LMT,  I am a Certified Orlando Neuromuscular, Myofascial Massage and Sports Massage Therapist. My specialty is soft tissue pain relief and correction of chronic or acute injuries. With my specific soft tissue therapy thousands of happy clients are now free of debilitating injuries.

I continue to receive referrals from clients years later who found lasting recovery from serious soft tissue injuries. The type of injuries where my clients once believed surgery was their final option!

The innovative blend of Neuromuscular, Myofascial, and Sports Massage Therapy I use uniquely addresses complex soft tissue injuries.

Resolve Your Injury Within One to Five Treatments

With your first treatment you obtain significant and many times total elimination of chronic and acute pain. You will feel you have chosen the right path. My work provides the treatments you need, ending chronic and acute soft tissue pain.

Orlando Herniated or Bulging Disc Pain Relief

If you have herniated or bulging disc issues in your neck or back I have designed specific soft tissue treatments which are extremely effective in resolving your condition. The proprietary treatment methods I provide offer a non-surgical approach to end your chronic or acute disc problems.

My expertise in the soft tissue treatment of  bulging and herniate discs  enables my clients to avoid painful surgery and nerve blocks. They are able to eliminate the need for various prescription drugs.

Orlando Massage – Medical Massage – Therapeutic

If you are experiencing neuralgia (nerve pain) caused by pinched or compressed nerves and overly contracted muscles in your neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, or hip, find your solution  at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center.

If you are suffering from pain caused by an inflamed sciatic nerve or an ulnar, radial, or median nerve-carpal tunnel entrapment, my certification in Neuromuscular therapy, Sports Massage, and Myofascial therapy offers the specific treatment you need. I guarantee very rapid recovery from severe soft tissue injuries. Experience elite health and wellness once again!

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Testimonials From Happy Pain Free Clients

“With my herniated/ bulging discs I had tried so many routes to help get some relief from my back. Michelle is awesome! She took away the pain in my back and the numbing and tingling down my legs. It only took me a few sessions to be completely healed. I’m so blessed to have had her referred to me. She even tells you how to do some maintenance exercises. I’ve recommended her to everyone and she never fails to amaze me.”
~Sydel Padilla 

 “Michelle has helped me with a variety of issues such as bulging discs since 1999. She always comes up with a way to radically release my pain. She is also an expert in nutritional support and general health plus she is always caring and generous with her time. Highly recommended!”
~ Arthur Morgan

“Michelle Thank you so much for doing just what you said you would do. I blew out my shoulder and was experiencing extreme pain, could hardly move it at all. This occurred from my work on the farm and finally a throwing motion. My rotator cuff injury really concerned me as it was my right arm. Two trips to you for your specific muscle therapy and the pain went away 100%. I am back to normal with total use of my shoulder. Thanks so much for your great work.”
~Dennis Parker
Majestic Tree Farm

“This therapist is full of surprises. She has a clinical eye. She recognized my subclinical sternocleidomastoid tightness (neck muscle). She surprisingly improved my Achilles tendonitis of 3 months. Immediately after the 1st treatment I could walk and put my weight down on my foot for the first time.”
~ Dr. John Salud M.D.

“Thank you Michelle Hamel for helping me heal the chronic sciatic nerve pain I’ve had for years! Thank you Thank you Thank you. If you are in the Orlando area and looking for help, I highly recommend Michelle.”
~ Rachel Chase

“I was in 4 car accidents in 2004 which left me with shoulder and neck pain. I had seen many massage therapists, doctors, chiropractors, etc and was not able to get relief. In 2009, a friend recommended Michelle who is AMAZING!
After 5 visits I was totally pain free! I could hardly believe how fast she got me out of pain. Every once in awhile, when I have forgotten to do the stretching Michelle recommends, I go back in for a quick tuneup. Thanks Michelle!”
~Ada West

“Had a great therapy session with Michelle Hamel tonight. This woman is brilliant and great at her craft. If you are experiencing issues related to herniated discs, back pain, tingling hands or feet-she is the person to see. She helped me within two visits to eliminate years of pain from a pinched nerve in my neck. I now have no tingling or pain in my arms and hands.”
~ Kevin McCormack

As a Certified Orlando Aroma Therapist, you may also experience the therapeutic benefits of  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils during your treatment. These oils offer healing properties for local and systemic inflammation as well as addressing acute and chronic conditions.  Often I use Light therapy which may be added to accelerate healthy cell regeneration.

Orlando Clinical Massage Therapy –  Recover From Your Soft Tissue Injuries 

I Guarantee You Immediate Results Call Me Today 407-628-2176!

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