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Lymph Detox For Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue,
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Master Series LBG Lymph Drainage Equipment / Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center

If you have swelling in your arms, legs and feet, painful joints, calcified, (hard) lymph nodes, Lyme Disease, Fibrocystic breast, Inflammation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lymphedema, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue or other immune system conditions your immunity will greatly benefit with lymphatic detoxification.

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Pre and post-op clients also experience more rapid recovery when treated. These are just a few lymphatic challenges that find relief with this work. Receiving treatment with the LBG and the ST-8 quickly rids the body of extracellular debris which interferes with our health and many times longevity. This therapy supports the strength of our immune system. Read below for more information concerning the LBG and ST-8 systems.

Within my Wellness Practice, I also offer consultations for those suffering with Lyme Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms.  I offer my clients a comprehensive holistic approach.

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The Benefits Of The LBG and ST-8

The LBG and ST-8 equipment use specific frequencies known to inhibit the development of virus, fungus, and bacteria. * The LBG and ST-8 helps with the removal  of unnatural additives in our food, including steroids that mimic hormones and attach to proteins from the interstitial space.

* The LBG and ST-8 aids in proper lymphatic drainage — rapid movement of waste material within the cells can occur, which greatly increases the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal * The LBG and ST-8  help to  bring stagnant lymph pathways to life, building an immunological barrier to disease

Everyone benefits from Lymphatic Detoxification. The LBG and ST-8 offer powerful help for many health challenges associated with the lymphatic system.

I provide this powerful therapy in my clinic. Here is something important to think about. The lymphatic system is like the plumbing system in our home. If the plumbing backs up this can cause a major problem with our immune system.

Our Lymphatic System, Optimal Health And Longevity

We need to ensure there are no blockages within the lymph nodes or the lymphatic vessels. Below, I have provided testimonials from my clients who are no longer suffering from lymph blockages.

The LBG and ST8 are frequency based technology that break down calcification and old proteins. This technology retards the growth of unwanted microbes and other toxicity which thickens and slows lymphatic flow.

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The LBG-ST8 equipment uses SpectraSweep™ technology, complementing the electromagnetic field to bring the body into a tranquil state, which can be felt even during the first use.

While you are at the clinic I discuss the advantages of a PH balanced diet, home detox methods, exercise and specific essential oils to maintain healthy lymphatic function. Come in today for your lymphatic detoxification session and feel an immediate increase in energy, well being and healthy immune function.

The LBG™ Lymph Drainage Equipment assists the body in its natural process of moving stagnant lymph   Master Series LBG Lymph Drainage Equipment / Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center

The ST-8 (Oxygen Detoxification System) significantly reduces the potential for a healing crisis because of its precise delivery of the oxygen-saturated molecule to the site of lymph stasis.

The ST-8 is the world’s first oxygen-fed tissue detoxification system… helping to restore function and assisting the lymphatic system with an increase in wound injury healing and a decrease in pain and edema… to provide remarkable healing potentials. Master Series ST-8 Detoxification System / Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center

Lymphatic Detoxification Testimonials

~ Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT

“When my lymph nodes became painful, when they became swollen and calcified due to an immune system imbalance called “Lyme disease” antibiotics did not work at all. My Lyme blood titer was very high 1:128.  I was suffering with intense joint pain and systemic inflammation and could not sleep.

For many years now, I have been free from the diagnosis of Lyme disease. I recovered using a combination of powerful dietary strategies, specific therapeutic essential oil protocols, lymphatic detox equipment and other forms of detox.

Several health practitioners I visited did not know what to do for me. Through years of travel and study I developed a complete health system, known as the Hamel Method.  My unique wellness approach completely freed me from the “Lyme Diagnosis”.  I am thankful for my great health today and my ability to coach others suffering with lymphatic/immune system imbalance.”

~ Jeanne Krause

“If I had not found you through Christine Maunat I am sure I would be with my Lord….Lyme’s Disease is so prevalent but so misunderstood. After visiting numerous health care practitioners and taking many rounds of antibiotics I felt as though I could not keep going. I feel that your knowledge saved my life. Thank You Michelle!”

~ Lisa M

“For years I suffered with extreme fatigue, insomnia, brain fog and joint pain.
I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2006. Knowing I needed help I decided to live with my family in Orlando. My father had heard about your health therapies and coaching. With your lymphatic detox and health coaching I am thrilled to share I no longer suffer with Lyme Disease!

~ Laura Talley

“For the past 5 years I have been diagnosed with breast cysts and have undergone a total of three biopsies in 1999, 2003, and 2004. All were benign, but after my last mammogram/sonogram in late 2004 I was told by my doctor that I would need to see a surgeon again. Rather than undergo another invasive procedure, only to find nothing, I wanted to see if there was another option. I heard about Michelle’s practice from my osteopathic physician Juanita Brown, and the lymphatic drainage with the light beam generator.

I had always suffered not only from the cysts, but extreme tenderness in my breasts. Sometimes it was so bad that I had to sleep in a sports bra. After the first couple of treatments, I noticed an instant decrease in tenderness. Now after a month I have been free of tenderness, and upon examination have not been able to find any of the lumps I felt before.”

~ Jennifer, Lake Mary

In March of 2010 a mammogram and subsequent ultrasound came back as ‘abnormal’. Two new lumps were detected and a biopsy was the recommended next course of action. Questioning the value and necessity of this I sought out alternative treatment and was sent to Michelle from my osteopathic physician Dr. Juanita Brown. I am so fortunate to have found Michelle Hamel’s Neuromuscular Pain Relief Clinic.

Michelle promptly set out a successful wellness protocol for me. Light therapies (LBG and ST-8) combined with dietary coaching for food, therapeutic grade essential oils and supplements returned my body back to a healthy balance. In a matter of days the smaller lump was gone. A few weeks later the larger lump had completely disappeared. Thermography imagery confirmed no pathology in my breast tissue. It is so powerful knowing you can take control of your own health – what a gift Michelle has given me. Thank You, Michelle!”

 ~ Jerry Debelles

“A few months ago I discovered a painful lump, about the size of a small golf ball behind my right knee. After 2-1/2 hour light beam generator treatments with Michelle the lump disappeared, along with the pain. More recently I had some swelling and pain around the inside of one of my ankles. After 2 LBG treatments the swelling and pain were completely gone.”

~ Gina Talley

“In November, I underwent thermography in lieu of a mammogram at a holistic health facility. This treatment confirmed that I had fibrocystic disease in both breasts, although the left side had been causing quite a bit of discomfort. In addition both breasts were somewhat swollen and tender.

They recommended lymphatic drainage. I had met Michelle about this time and decide to try the LBG. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but after the first 5 treatments I noticed a huge improvement. I have noticed a 100% improvement in my condition and look forward to the next thermography to validate what I truly feel has occurred.”

~ Jennifer Gates

“Do you feel “off”? Do you know you need to improve your health? Any symptom is worth working on and trying to figure out the cause. Don’t just treat the symptom. Get to the cause. Often the symptom is due to a sluggish immune system. A good cleanse of your lymph system can make a world of difference.
I am thankful that Michelle was introduced to the LBG.
I discovered how useful it is in helping people regain their health, prevent and/or reverse disease, and rid their body of pain and swelling. 
I have known Michelle for over ten years, and she has continued to pursue learning everything she can ever since I met her.

Here is my story. Over the last 12 months I began to notice a tight feeling in my breast. No lump was discerned – even by thermography, but it was a definite noticeable feeling.

Michelle felt a good cleanse of my lymph was in order. So for 5 days I went to her office and treated myself to the LBG and ST8 machines. After the week treatment, the noticeable tightness had disappeared.

My husband also benefited from LBG treatments after a very serious accident on his motorcycle. We used this technology, therapeutic essential oils and a change in diet to reduce the swelling and to help his immune system strengthen for healing. He had many broken bones and was in much pain.

With Michelle’s health coaching, and this equipment, the swelling and pain reduced quickly. After a knee surgery for a torn ACL, he was able to bend his knee 45 degrees within 2 days – the doctor was amazed.
My husband had a few treatments prior to the surgery and a few more after. This prepared his body to not build inflammation and to heal faster. He also had nerve damage in his face due to a fracture in his skull.
His face looked like he had had a stroke. Michelle used the LBG/ST8, Neuromuscular therapy, and therapeutic essential oils to reduce inflammation there too. Today he is healed.
Michelle is a very gifted health provider.
Just remember that your health is up to you – your doctor is there for diagnosis, or an accident. Learning how to prevent disease is worth every minute and every dime you spend. I pray this will encourage you to allow Michelle to become your Wellness Educator so you can stay/be healthy for life!”

~ Paul and Teri Hamel

My 11 years old son, Evan, developed very large swollen glands (lymph nodes) on the right side of his neck and chin area. Generally, lymph nodes in that area are the size of an unshelled peanut. The glands on Evan’s neck were at least half the size of a golf ball.
Typically when there is a problem with the glands, they are sensitive to touch; however, they were not even painful when touched
which was not a good sign.
We were very concerned about Evan, given the size of his lymph nodes and the fact that he wasn’t showing any other significant symptoms. Blood tests revealed that he was fighting off something, and certain levels indicated there weren’t any signs of lymphoma or other type of cancer.
Because we were concerned, we decide to contact my sister, Michelle, who has been practicing holistic health coaching for many years. I had heard her talk of using fairly new technology on patients with swollen lymph nodes that would not go down in size.
We had Evan treated daily on her Light Beam Generator and within four to five days the nodes softened and are now down to normal size. The period from onset to getting back to normal once we contacted Michelle was 1 week. There is no telling how long Evan’s lymph nodes would have stayed enlarged had we not contacted Michelle.
Michelle, thanks again for your concern for Evan and all of your help with his situation. It was a stressful time and your work with Evan put us at ease.

Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT
An Advanced Medical Massage Therapist In Orlando
Certified Wellness Consultant And Aromatherapist

I am Michelle Hamel NMT a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, a  Medical Orlando massage therapist.   Within my practice I use advanced therapeutic massage protocols.  My work resolves the pain and soft tissue imbalance associated with:

Bulging and herniated discs
Pinched nerves 
Injured joints

Expect to be well within two to five treatments.

With your first therapeutic massage treatment you will experience significant relief and many times total relief of your pain. You will feel that you have chosen the right path.  Save yourself the aggravation of traveling from place to place.  

If you have herniated or bulging disc problems in your neck or back I have designed specific soft tissue therapies which are extremely effective in relieving your pain. My clients avoid painful surgery and nerve blocks. They are able to eliminate the need for various prescription drugs.

If you have damaged joints or pinched nerves, you have found the answer to your problem.  For more information concerning my proprietary therapies click under specialties on my website. 

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