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Orlando non-surgical relief for disc and nerve pain relief, orlando therapeutic massage therapist, Orlando medical massage services You are looking for medical massage therapy in Orlando, therapeutic massage treatments for chronic or acute injuries for back pain, disc imbalance, neck problems, injured joints or pinched nerves. My therapies provide lasting results.

Recover from debilitating injuries as you have found the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center. How long have you been in pain?  My clients are amazed at their quick recoveries!

I provide an innovative blend of Neuromuscular and Myofascial therapy. My proprietary work provides a very effective holistic choice for recovery. This is important as my clients had explored many treatment modalities and were often contemplating the possibility of surgery, steroid injections and continued use of pain medications.

They found the alternative soft tissue option they needed and are now free to enjoy their pain free daily activities. The links below discuss many soft tissue conditions and offer the solutions you have been searching for. Learn how you can obtain lasting relief by reading these various articles.

I guarantee I provide you with long-term, pain relief and recovery.  Below are a few of the conditions I specialize in:

Bulging and Herniated Discs,
Sciatic Nerve Release – Sciatic Treatment
Rotator Cuff Injury Non Surgical Shoulder Pain Recovery
Tendonitis Recovery
Compressed, Entrapped, or Pinched Nerve Release
Shoulder Pain-Rotator Cuff Injury-Frozen Shoulder

You Need a Skilled Orlando Therapeutic Massage Therapist

The therapies I use eliminate the local and referred pain caused by injured joints, posterior disc movement (bulging and herniated discs) and pinched or impinged nerves.

I am Michelle Hamel NMT-LMT, a soft tissue specialist, an expert at clinical massage therapy. I provide skill and knowledge you need to quickly recover. Thousands of my happy clients are now pain free. This can be you. Call me today at~407-628-2176.

~Testimonial from Christine Maunat – Recovery From Bulging Disc

“Back in July 2013, I started having numbness in my feet. First it was mainly at night and it progressively deteriorated. Since it was not going away, I finally decided to go to see a medical professional who sent me to another one. An MRI was prescribed in November and I found out that I had a bulging disc touching a nerve. I was then referred to a medical practitioner for surgery. That next week, the sporadic burning sensations I would experience in my leg increased to a new level. My flesh felt like it was slowly burning from the inside. I was very distressed and in pain. On my lunch break, I called my vitamin store to renew my supply of supplements. I told my counselor that I needed something for inflammation because I had a pinched nerve in my back.
I was not expecting what followed…He told me he knew someone that could help me. He had sent customers to her and heard great reports.
He knew people scheduled for surgery that were able to cancel it. That’s all I needed to hear…I went on the website and called Michelle. After the first session, the burning sensation disappeared. After the 6th session, the numbness in my feet is gone! Michelle was God sent and I highly recommend her services. Blessings!” ~Christine Maunat

Herniated Disc - Bulging Disc Relief  – Balance Your Soft Tissue

The Orlando Therapeutic Massage  techniques I use quickly lengthen specific muscles, tendons and ligaments which may be causing joint pressure and posterior disc movement (discs moving backwards towards the nerves). Muscles are part of the lever system which move our joints and create movement within our spine.

The spine flexes, extends and rotates.  We spend all of our time in flexion causing an imbalance in the soft tissue. When posterior disc movement occurs (caused by muscle imbalance) the disc can irritate a nerve. The nerve then becomes overly stimulated and inflamed, contracting the muscles even further.

This is the cycle of neuralgia (nerves) and muscle pain. You need to break this cycle. When the disc moves posterior due to a muscle imbalance my unique soft tissue work can quickly assist anterior disc movement This is forward movement of the discs, (the discs moving away from the nerves). 

Utilizing the correct medical massage treatment and next timely and specific stretching programs your body has an amazing capacity for rapid recovery (1-5 visits).  I have developed and perfected an extremely focused and detailed blend of Neuromuscular and Myofascial treatments which get to the root of the problem, “the intra-joint pressure”  (tension within and around the joint).   

 Recovery ~ Back-Neck-Nerve-Shoulder-Rotator Cuff- Joint Injuries

~Testimonial from Rodger Murray M.D. 

“Most of the patients we have sent Michelle have been associated with musculoskeletal and nerve pain, primarily of the spinal cord and neck region. We have had excellent results with her therapy”. ~ Rodger Murray M.D.

~Testimonial from P. Rowely – Recovery From Sciatica

“In October 2007, I was referred to Michelle Hamel at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center by my family physician, Dr. Christopher Conavay, after I was injured in an automobile accident. I was experiencing pain in my right knee, neck, and sciatica in my lower back and hip, making it difficult to function on a daily basis. After receiving therapy to my back and neck and cold light therapy on my knee, I have experienced dramatic relief and I am able to start resuming my regular activities. Thank you, Michelle!” ~  P. Rowely

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

When one or more of the spinal discs gets forced towards the spinal column, this disc movement places pressure on a spinal nerve which causes pain.  These symptoms may include local neck pain or neuralgia (referred nerve tingling) from the neck to the arm and hand.

You may also experience pain radiating from the back to the hip or down the side or back of the leg. The referred nerve pain can also travel to your ankle. With my precise medical massage work, this pressure and irritation on the nerve pathway can be released.

Your pain may also be caused by certain muscles which are pinching a nerve.  Tension and triggerpoints within these muscles needs to be released, and all of this tissue needs to be lengthened.

Finally, you may have too much pressure within a joint. I release this intra-joint pressure (pressure around the joint) as I lengthen the specific muscles, tendons and ligaments leading to and surrounding the inflamed joint. A good example of intra-joint pressure is a debilitating  rotator cuff injury.

~Testimonial from Rick Sitzer –  Recovery From Ruptured Disc 

“This is my testimonial. My name is Rick. I want to share my back pain story with you so that you can find your answer. For 29 years now I have experienced back pain on my left side. From my low back, down my leg to my knee and foot. The pain was so bad that my leg would give way and buckle. At times, I was actually dragging my leg behind me. The diagnosis was a ruptured disc.
Luckily I was at the kitchen table one morning, looking on the internet for help when I saw Michelle’s website. It was as though she was speaking directly to me. She was making a lot of sense as to the correct treatment that needed to be done. I felt directed to call right away and make my appointment.
After my first treatment I experienced about 75% improvement. Following my third treatment, I have recovered! I am so pleased because prior to Michelle’s work I had tried numerous therapies and found no relief.
If you are tired of looking around and didn’t like the options presented, give her therapy a try, you will be happy you did. As far as I’m concerned Michelle worked a miracle for me!”
~Rick Sitzer

Nerve and Joint Problems I Successfully Treat 

I also have great success with treatment of shoulder pain due to rotator cuff injuries and frozen shoulderAchilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis are successfully addressed with my very specific therapeutic massage. The goal is always to get my clients out of pain and back to health very quickly.  I share ergonomic strategies and injury specific stretches to include within your healing program.

~Testimonial from Walter Jackson – No Exploratory Surgery

“I want to say a few words about how much Michelle Hamel has helped me with alleviating my debilitating neck and shoulder pain with her specific massage techniques and essential oils. My pain is gone and I feel better than I have in years, here’s what happened…
I had been looking forward to a bit easier life pursuing various personal interests in retirement…and had been suffering with progressive pain in my neck and shoulder for more than several years.  It was extremely painful. This brought associated weakness, numbness and tingling down both my arms.
At the time, I was lucky enough to be near a friend, who just happened to be a neurosurgeon. He examined my x-rays and MRI’s confirming I had severely pinched the nerves with deterioration of the bone in my spine.
There was no surgical or other physical therapy that traditional medicine had to offer except exploratory surgery which carried even greater risks. Not. All I could do was use heat compresses, eat pain pills and give it time. Not my preferred happy prognosis. I didn’t know of any other therapy or treatments so I followed the advice of the doctors and resigned myself to living with it, and with it, and with it…
I had to find some help. This is when I found Michelle and gave her a call. She has had great success with treating brachial plexus injuries specific to my situation. My first session with her reduced the pain 90% or more, nearly ending the numbness and tingling in my arms, giving me a chance to regain my strength. A few more treatments with Michelle and essential oils have eliminated my pain completely. I have not had to take my pain prescription since the first session. She was the miracle I was looking for.
I want to whole heartedly endorse Michelle’s holistic therapies which have given me hope for a much better quality of life to look forward to. There is so much more to learn and know about how effective these therapies are. It’s worth your time. It’s worth your life
Thanks is not adequate a word to express how grateful I am.” ~Walter Jackson

Other pinched nerve problems within the neck, back, and joints such as: Carpal tunnel, sciatica, whiplash, injury to the brachial plexus-thoracic outlet golf or tennis elbow, ulnar, radial and median nerve injuries are quickly and effectively treated.

Once the proper space is created over the nerve and within and around the inflamed joint with my specific medical massage, you will recover quickly. There is nothing to lose but your pain. Call today!  407-628-2176.

I am a certified Aroma Therapist. I have deeply studied essential oils and may include the clinical use of  therapeutic, steam distilled, Essential Oils within your treatment The essential oils assist in the recovery from chronic and acute inflammation, sleep disorders, imbalanced disease states, and chronic pain.  The essential oils are  50 – 70 times more effective than herbs.

Lowering Systemic Inflammation and Soft Tissue Repair

Lowering systemic inflammation aids in quicker soft tissue repair.  While working, I coach my clients on how they can use diet, lifestyle and essential oils to lower local and systemic inflammation. I discuss how they can remain in top shape for life.  

I am  a natural health leader and a certified microscopist and health coach. My practice works with lymphatic problems such as fibrocystic and calcified breast or lymphedema.

A clean lymph system can add years to your life.   I use state of the art lymphatic detox equipment (the LBG and the ST8) to assist in this process. If you suffer from lymphatic obstruction problems, I will discuss in detail healthy life protocols which work in combination with the lymphatic equipment.

You will recover quickly from your injury and learn the best blend of healing strategies to create balance and vibrant health.

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